#PaigeTysTheKnot // Bridal Portraits

I tried to write an intro blog post to be like “HELLO HI HEY WELCOME TO THIS PROCRASTINATION TOOL I HAVE CREATED,” but that was boring so I decided to jump right in with some wedding pics.

I am so excited to share my bridal portraits with y’all today! For the next few days I am going to be posting all of our wedding photos and then you won’t have to suffer through anymore incessant #PaigeTysTheKnot-ing. Just on our anniversaries. And on some# TBTs. And on other people’s birthdays that I have a picture with from the wedding. And on Tyler’s birthdays. You know what, you’ll be seeing it forever and you should just accept that about yourself now.

Paula Player was the first hire we made for the wedding (after Sara, our AMAZING wedding planner) and we couldn’t be happier! She is so wonderful – I definitely felt like a big ol’ weirdo when the bridal session started, but Paula put me completely at ease. It ain’t easy looking comfortable in front of the camera, no matter how many selfies a person may or may not take of their double chins per day to send to their friends on Snapchat. Fortunately for me, Paula somehow figured out how to pull me through it. If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, or really for anything, HIRE HER RIGHT NOW.

All of our vendors are based in the Grand Strand, but they travel!

Photography // Paula Player Photography

Event Planning // Stunning and Brilliant Events

Dress // Hayden Olivia Bridal

Hair & Make-up // J. Leigh Stylist

Flowers // Little Shop of Flowers

Venue // Debordieu Colony Golf Club


Super awkward hand-on-hip. I read an article once wear Anna Wintour said that she hates when women pose like that because it’s so unnatural looking. That stuck with me, and even though I am forced to do it from time to time, I am judging myself hard.


My mother and Emily were trying to make me laugh so I wouldn’t look like a robot. Now I just look like a laughing robot.



This was when Paula said, “maybe try to smile without so many teeth.” I’m either toothy or have RBF (Resting Bitch Face). There is no in between.



There are those teeth again.






I need to always have fake eyelashes, I think.


I love this picture because I know that Emily was the wind.




Kelly at Little Shop of Flowers put this bouquet together in 30 minutes! Can you even?! I can’t even!







My parents are obsessed with this picture in what I deem to be a very uncomfortable way.




Byyyyyyye haterz! (All of the women on golf carts that day – not a one said hi! Every man/little boy stopped for a long chat however, which may have been directly related to how I kept lifting up my dress to let a breeze in?)

Hope you enjoyed!



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