#SingleLadyNoMoor // Alex’s Bachelorette Weekend, Pt. 2

So, this is probably only interesting to the people in these pictures (and to our moms, because, like, your mom is supposed to think everything you do is THE BEST THING EVER.) And I STILLLLLLLLLL can’t get this computer to cooperate!!!! So I sketched around in our shared album to finish up the post for this past weekend. Some of them are blurry, but you’ll get this gist. I promise to figure this out before my next post.

Please love me in spite of my shortcomings.


Weren’t our treats the cutest?! Al gave us bags, cups, hair ties, and, of course, Frank. Marla gave us the prettiest Turkish towels and some suntan lotion.


I couldn’t feel my face after 2 of these.



Isn’t she the cutest?


Marla and me walking to lunch at Cabana, Litchfield’s festive beachfront restaurant.


Babes at the beach.



Mrs. Todd and her MOH.


The Beach Bach Bunch. I know, I know, our wordplay skills are super impressive.


Elle sat her drink down on a phantom table, and we all nearly peed ourselves. Had to be there?



I’m treating the bride to a sneak peek of our reception pictures only because this is so precious.

Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “#SingleLadyNoMoor // Alex’s Bachelorette Weekend, Pt. 2

  1. That phantom table really got the best of Elle. Also, I’m super jeal of the sneak peak, but I can go ahead and say that I am 100% sure that if there are any photos of my husband and I, they are probs not this cute.


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