#SingleLadyNoMoor // Alex’s Bachelorette Weekend, Pt. 1

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I promise that all of my titles won’t be preceded by hashtags forever, but when you are one of half a dozen people getting married in your friend group, that’s just how it seems to work out.

Last weekend was spent at my family’s beach house at Litchfield (My Blue Heaven, which inspired my blog name), where we celebrated Alex’s upcoming nuptials. We had SO much fun, and we pretty much just sat around and chatted. That’s my favorite kind of weekend.

This time, I actually charged my camera and took it with. However, my laptop is not cooperating and crashes every time I try to upload the pictures…Santa? Are you reading this? Thankfully, my iPhone is attached to my hand and I was still able to get some good ones. I have a few more coming down the pipeline, which I will post later today (an afternoon present for you, Marla!).

A weekend, in photograph:


My Aunt Susan and mi madre popped by to say hello – cute sisters dressed alike. And look at Nance popping that leg! #shegetitfromhermama


Marla made us this yummy breakfast casserole. Avocado and bacon made appearances, that’s all you need to know.


Saturday on the beach we kicked into high gear. Alex got us these cute flamingos (that I kept calling penguins…???) and they were everything. I need to name mine. Frank, maybe? Idk.


Saturday for dinner we went to Bistro 217 – my favorite restaurant in Pawleys. Isn’t Alex the prettiest bride?!


We went to Hot Fish Club in Murrells Inlet to throw down after dinner. Madalyn, Marla, Alex, Elle, Shannon, and I had to meet the required quota of pictures before we could get too wild and look a mess. This picture made me realize I need a serious haircut…smh.


The men there always have this creepy tendency to sit around the edge of the bar like they are hunting for prey. For reasons unknown to me at this time, these cute girls in white jeans decided they wanted to join in on the fun. Shannon had less success than others..


Elle is maintaining character here very nicely. She slipped into “douchebag” mode flawlessly.


Shannon, on the other hand…


Gosh I love these stone cold weirdos.


Sunday morning we went to Litchfield Country Club for brunch and followed it up with a trip to the top of the little bridge at Litchfield.


Thankfully, my baby brother’s new roommate, Beans (yes I’m being for real), was at the house when we got back so that he could be our photographer. Beans also developed a healthy crush on Elle, which inspired him to carry all of our bags to the car and to pack and re-pack Shannon’s car several times at Elle’s behest. Ahh, young love. (It seems like I wear this dress a lot but this was a month after Costa Rica, I promise!)


After such an amazing weekend (and such an intense sunburn), I decided to treat Frank and myself, to a nice hot bath. #killinit

HUGE thanks go out to Marla for being a great Maid of Honor and planning the most perfect weekend for all of us! And thank you, Alex, for including me in your wedding! I can’t wait to party in Vero on August 1st!

I have some more pictures that I will put up later today. Enjoy!



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