#PaigeTysTheKnot // Getting Ready

I am so excited to FINALLY share with you some more wedding pictures! You can see my bridal portraits here, and our honeymoon pictures here, but now we’re starting to get to the good stuff.

Paula, who I told you about a few days ago, sent me over 1,200 pictures to wade through, and it was not easy to pick my favorites. I tried, so here goes nothin’.

Whalen0134 (1)

I woke up to these clouds, and against my inner nature, was totally zen about it. Huh.


The bridesmaids stayed at my cousins’ house, Coop’s Coop, on Pawleys Island. It was so perfect! I highly recommend renting it if you are looking to stay on the island. We all got our hair and makeup done here before heading over to Debordieu to put on our dresses.


I am obsessed with our stationary. Traci Green designed it all – she is so talented! She also created a custom monogram for us that I slapped on these stamps from Zazzle, along with anything else that would stand still long enough.


Nearly 2 years of planning, and the only thing I forgot to do was have my ring professionally cleaned…smh.


My “something borrowed” came in the form of my bracelet and earrings from Rent the Runway. It worked out perfectly – my only regret is that I can’t find the earrings to buy! Our programs are from Wedding Paper Divas and we got them during a huge sale they were having (I think 60% off or something like that?). They always have the best deals.

I have to make a brief Public Service Announcement: my bridesmaids are FIRE. I mean, just LOOK at those faces! They are freakishly good looking.

Gamblefilm 014

I. Can’t. Even. (Our robes are from Etsy and I had them monogrammed here in Columbia for only $6 a robe!)

 Whalen0018 Whalen0011 Whalen0017 Whalen0012 Whalen0009 Whalen0013 Gamblefilm 015 Gamblefilm 019 Gamblefilm 018


The “Carrie” dress by Hayley Paige from Hayden Olivia Bridal in Charlotte. Loved working with them and LOVE x 1 million my dress.


I initially bought Jimmy Choos just like these. They sat in my closet for 3 months, and I would try them on and walk around my room and secretly think about how uncomfortable they were. But they were CHOOS, I told myself. That’s the price you pay! Except, no, the price I had already paid was close to $600 to wear shoes that would probably make me cry at some point. I decided to ditch those bitches, and found these nearly identical but infinitely more comfortable shoes at Nordstrom for $40 (similar). #neveragain


The bridesmaids’ dresses were Lela Rose style LR202 in blush Sash Bridesmaid here in Columbia. Kathryn was great to work with!


Little Shop of Flowers – marry me! Wait..



We made it to Debordieu and had to touch up our makeup – my mom and I are #twinning so hard right here.

   Whalen0028 Whalen0032


These are some of my favorite pictures – Paula lined all of the girls up so that we could get a reaction shot of them seeing me for the first time fully dressed. They look like ladies, but I want you to know that they were singing “Get Low” by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys, and I believe they were in the middle of the “til the sweat drops down by balls” portion of the song right here. Timeless and adorable.





The things they were saying to me would have made a sailor blush. I love them.

  Whalen0052 Whalen0055



Tyler got his groomsmen little whale cufflinks. Precious.

Gamblefilm 058






We got our wedding bands from our friends at Skatell’s in Spartanburg (that sounds like an ad, but they are legit our friends. Beth is the best – go see her!)


I hope you had fun reading! These are some of my favorite pictures of the whole day. Come back tomorrow for more wedding fun (you know, if weddings are your thing).



7 thoughts on “#PaigeTysTheKnot // Getting Ready

  1. Getting ready was one of my favorite parts of this day. I cannot wait to see more pictures – especially the ones where the SUN came out. 100% chance of PM Thunderstorms, who?


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