Required // Things I Need For My Emotional Well-being, Pt. 1

I’m giving you a break from wedding pictures (just for the day, don’t get too comfortable) for a brief glance into my current lust list. I’ve self-imposed a ban on shopping for the month of June. I have made it 10 days so far, but some things just keep shoving themselves in my face. I am conducting an experiment where I tell you about them in the hopes that simply looking will fulfill my desire to actually purchase. Let’s see how this works.

The following items are making this really difficult for me:

1. These Karen Walker Sunglasses. I’ve been eyeing them for a while, but they keep popping up everywhere I look, from Life With Emily to Pink Peonies…help! I need them! Don’t let me do it! It doesn’t hurt that another Karen Walker is my spirit animal, and I feel like she would definitely be OK with me buying these. discount-karen-walker-super-duper-strength-tortoise-sunglasses 2. These sweet kicks. I love the way Emily at The Ivory Lane styles hers – perfect for traveling, which I will be doing a lot of in the next few months. I’m closer to justifying these than anything else…my Nordstrom Rewards Card is calling my name and I am only 20 points away from redeeming a note!shoe 3. This dress. Rachel at Pink Peonies posted about it the other day and I fell in love! It sold out very quickly but now it’s back! Nooooooo! I just picked up my dress from the tailor to wear to Alex’s white party on Saturday, but I REALLY want this instead! (UPDATE: I gave in and ordered it, but within minutes I got an email saying it was actually sold out. I guess someone is trying to tell me something? I’m going to count this as a wash and tell myself that I still haven’t bought anything.) download 4. This serum. I don’t know what serum is. I don’t know what serum does. I just know I need it. I have an addiction to anything Origins-related, and I’m sure I will love this just as much as I love Night-A-Mins (which is A LOT). or_0LXH01_300 5. These earrings. They are sold out right now, which is actually a good thing for me. I love anything with a tassel. 13065_02_1 6. This Fabulina necklace. I have three of these necklaces from Fabrik, and I can’t get enough. I always get complements on them – they are so unique! 20150324_040115 7. These jeans. I have them in white and they are my everything. imageService 8. These whale measuring cups because, duh. I have picked them up and put them down more times than I can count when I go into Anthropologie, and I just can’t seem to pull the trigger. 31261738_040_b 9. This top. I’ve never been what one might call a “Lilly girl,” but I’ve been liking some of the new things lately and this top is calling my name. 92268_resortwhitecrossedlionsengineeredtop 10. This shirt. My adorable friend Elle wore a similar one here, and I am obsessed. 05102_WO1386_m I think that should do it for now. Anymore online shopping and I might develop an eye twitch from the stress of not buying anything. And in case you forgot… download (2) What’s on your lust list? Let me know in the comments, and come back tomorrow for a look at our wedding ceremony!

xo, P

6 thoughts on “Required // Things I Need For My Emotional Well-being, Pt. 1

  1. Love the tassle earrings, and the necklace…. I, like you, pick up,
    then put down the whale measuring cups, can’t pull the trigger either. On a self imposed brake pump on shopping as well 🙂

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  2. I got called out by my neighbor, whom I have never introduced myself too, a few weeks ago because I have so many packages. Self imposed ban on [online] shopping here too.

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