#PaigeTysTheKnot // Ceremony

The ceremony pictures are finally here! You can breathe again. You’re welcome.

All day long, it was touch and go as to whether or not we could have the ceremony outside. There was a 100% chance of rain for our 6:00 ceremony nearly all day, but somehow the weather held and we didn’t have a single drop of rain past lunchtime. The ceremony was so perfect but it’s all a blur to me because I was so excited. I’m very thankful we had a videographer.

As always, props to the vendors who put this all together in spite of the number of times I changed my mind about something:

Sara and her team at Stunning and Brilliant Events (nbd, but we are on the front page of their website right now) – the day went off without a hitch because of them!

Paula Player and her amazing photography skillz

Kelly at Little Shop of Flowers…just look at literally any picture below

Jessica for all of our hair and makeup perfection

And, of course, Debordieu for being drop dead gorgeous.

Gamblefilm 086

Overcast but beautiful.

Gamblefilm 090

I love the lanterns in the tree.

Gamblefilm 091

Whalen0162 SO. GOOD.

Gamblefilm 087Gamblefilm 088Gamblefilm 121

Gamblefilm 095

Gamblefilm 093Gamblefilm 089Gamblefilm 119Whalen0157 I would like you to know that these tablecloths are the EXACT color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. My aforementioned OCD loves this.

Gamblefilm 098

I want these lanterns in every tree in our yard and on every surface in my life. Is that a thing?


I need to tell you about our “guestbook” – potentially one of my favorite pieces of the day. We ordered a joggling bench (just like a joggling board, but not on rockers) from The South Carolina Joggling Board Company and had our guests sign it instead of a traditional guestbook. We plan to seal it and put it on our porch one day, but I can’t bring myself to put it outside just yet. It’s currently living in our guest room…FYI – the joggling bench was very affordable and the owner of the company was so helpful and quick! We love it so much!



Gamblefilm 161


Gamblefilm 162

The Charleston Virtuosi killed it. They played “Oh Happy Day” as we walked back down the aisle, and it was as much a surprise to me as it was to everyone else – in making so many last minute decisions on details, I couldn’t remember what I had picked! They could have played anything and I would have gone “yeah, that’s great, just what I wanted.”

Gamblefilm 113

Whalen0527 My Gammy and my brother Adam. Why so serious, fellas?


My beautiful mama and my babiest brother, Sam. (I will henceforth never call him that again; he is “Boy,” always has been and always will be.)


Tyler’s Grandma Joan and his oldest brother, JD.


SUCH a gorgeous picture of Tyler and his mama.


Little cuties.


So handsome.


This picture is one of my favorites – Emily had sobbed on and off all day and I basically couldn’t look at her if I didn’t want to be a wailing mess on the floor. She got it together as we got closer to ceremony time, but, according to 300 ish witnesses (who have each updated me on this), she lost it again walking down the aisle. Thank God Paula got a good shot of it.



Our pastor, Amos, Tyler, and his daddy (the best man). I love anticipation pictures like this because I know how nervous Tyler was – it’s my sadistic side, probably.


Gamblefilm 073Whalen0570 We FINALLY got to make our way down the aisle. It felt like we had to wait for hours for all 50,000 bridesmaids to make their way first. I don’t remember much of walking down the aisle, I think I blacked out, but isn’t my dad cute?

Gamblefilm 074

Trying not to weep. All day long, we had been singing a song called “‘Spect the Gata” (that Adam and his best friend Bill made up when we were all in college) every time I started to tear up. I was def singing that in my head right here. (“‘Spect the Gata” comes from this “Reno 911” scene, for those who want to be in the know.)

Gamblefilm 075Whalen0577Whalen0580


Apparently right after this, Tyler and my dad almost accidentally kissed on the lips? “French kissed your son-in-law” is a phrase my father has heard several times since the wedding.




Amos performed the most beautiful wedding ceremony I have ever heard, and I’m not just saying that because it was mine. If you live in Columbia, you will want to give Downtown Church a try – it’s so amazing.


Gamblefilm 083

Gamblefilm 082

I love these pictures of us praying.

Gamblefilm 076
Gamblefilm 081Gamblefilm 079 Whalen0594


This was one of my favorite parts of the ceremony – at the end of church every Sunday, before we leave, Amos says a Gaelic blessing. He did it at the end of our ceremony, too, and it was so perfect.



Whalen0611 I love Mr Whalen’s reaction.

Gamblefilm 084

Old married people! And a bride with Resting Bitch Face…it’s a chronic condition.


MOH and Best Man – Emily and Mr. Whalen ( I still can’t call him Jeff…)


Kristen and JD


Alli and Brett


Shannon T. and Mac


Emma and Morgan


Katherine and Matt (Tyler and I will both be in their wedding on October 24th!)


Brittany and Adam


Courtney and Boy


Alex and Tom


Shannon H. and Grant

Marla & Andy and Mary Rogers & Elliott are MIA. I’M SO SORRY!


So happy!








Tyler and my daddy – adorable.


How precious is Tyler’s mom? (“Karen” – I can’t call her that either.)


Whalen0647We went off to take pictures before Amos dragged us back because we had forgotten a pretty important aspect of the whole marriage thing…

NOW we’re married!


The sun came out right after the ceremony and the pictures Paula took are perfection, but you’ll have to wait until next time for those! I hope you enjoyed! Which ones are your favorites?

xoxo, P (no, Boy, I will not stop signing like Gossip Girl)

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