#PaigeTysTheKnot // Reception, Pt. 1

Happy happy Friday! Today I am sharing part one of our reception pictures – there were over 400 to choose from, so I had to break it into 2 parts..unless y’all want to dedicate your entire Friday at work to wading through pictures of our reception? No? That’s weird.

In light of your refusal to dedicate your entire life to me, this first post is all about the details of our reception tent. I would have moved in for good if Tyler would have let me, but he has this weird thing about “walls” and “indoor plumbing.” He really is prissy sometimes.

Once again, let me thank errbody:

Sara from Stunning and Brilliant Events – she worked and re-worked this layout to suit my every whim (and if you know me, you know I am FULL of whims. Whimful? Whim-filled?)

Paula from Paula Player Photography – I mean, please. Just look.

Kelly from Little Shop of Flowers – I think I’m going to make a gallery wall of just pictures of the flowers. I am being serious.

Eventworks Rentals

Tec Lighting

The staff at Debordieu – they went above and beyond, and I’m told the food was delicious (I wish I had made eating a thing that night)

Now, hunker down for a lot of pictures of tables:

Gamblefilm 122

I bought this poster on Etsy (a PDF version that I had printed here in Columbia). I left off buying the frame until 3 hours before the rehearsal dinner when I finally remembered. Thank God my dad was willing to haul ass to Target to save the day. On another note, aren’t these flowers gorgeous?!


Can you see now why I wanted to move in?


Gamblefilm 106

I need the emoji with the cat that has hearts for eyes to convey my love for the chandeliers.

Gamblefilm 110Whalen0148 Whalen0149


{Heart Eye Cat Emoji}


Whalen0215Whalen0256 Whalen0180 Whalen0221


I’m sorry if there are too many close-ups of flowers…


My bad, man.


Gamblefilm 126Gamblefilm 123


Doesn’t everyone blow up pictures of themselves to put on tables? I think I should get this back from my mom and put it on Tyler’s nightstand. He will love that, I just know it. God, I’m so thoughtful sometimes.

Gamblefilm 127

It tried to rain on us so we had lots of siding just in case, but thank Jesus Christo we did not end up needing it.

Gamblefilm 124Gamblefilm 130


MORE. FLOWERS. I’m not even that sorry, really.

Gamblefilm 131

Gamblefilm 128

{Double Heart Eye Cat Emojis}

Gamblefilm 129


I love this round (oval?) bar! I wanted to get inside of it to sling drinks but that was frowned upon by the group at large.


I ordered this sign from the same Etsy shop I linked to above. So. Much. Hashtagging. Or should I say, #So #Much #Hashtagging? Yeah, that feels right.


I ordered these koozies with our custom monogram from Traci Green. So affordable, I’m thinking about placing a second order just so Tyler and I can have some – they were all snapped up and we ended up with only 2. I like to hoard koozies.


Napkins are so expensive!!! I got these when they were having a big sale for spring or something, idk. They were super reasonable after that.

I’m putting up a few pictures of the food to pretend like I actually saw it and ate some. In reality, I had approximately 2 mini tomato pies and never saw the food again after I had to abandon the plates Sara set out for us to talk to people. I wouldn’t change the talking to people part, but I would stuff my face while talking to them if I could do it again.


Mmmmmmhmmmmmm. Mini tomato pies. I made several scenes about having these at the wedding.

Whalen0295Whalen0271Whalen0274Whalen0279Whalen0282Whalen0290 Whalen0291


Gamblefilm 102


The pretty bar in the dancing tent. We bought these lamps and intended to sell them after the wedding, but I think Nance is attached to them now.


Do you know how difficult it is to find a non-Liberace looking gold cake serving set? Very. I found this West Elm set on sale after scouring the internet for hours (approx. 20 minutes in millennial speak).


We had initially decided against toasting with champagne (we are bourbon people), but then my sweet big sister from Zeta sent us these beautiful flutes (along with a treasure trove of other goodies) the day before the wedding and a change had to be made! (See: whimful). Unfortunately, we had no champagne (again, bourbon people), so I chugged a glass of chardonnay. Mmm. {Vomiting Emoji}

Gamblefilm 105

This cake. Not only was it a dream to look at, but I could eat it everyday of my life. Alternating layers of fresh strawberries with white chocolate mousse and fresh key lime filling in a cream cheese cake with buttercream frosting. Continuing to eat low-carb feels physically painful after writing that.

Gamblefilm 104

I think I need the cat with hearts in his eyes back for this.

Gamblefilm 103

And on that sugar high, I will leave you to your weekend. Plz send me some cake now. K thanks bye.

xo, P

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