Weekend Recap 

Happy Monday (has anyone ever said that and not been insincere?)! Why did the weekend have to end? I would have put up Part 2 of our reception pictures, but instead Tyler and I are up to episode 10 of Orange Is the New Black…stop looking at me like that. I can’t tell if it’s actually a good season or if I’m just addicted. I think I’m going to need someone to tell me if it’s good or not.

Let’s jump right in:

This is really more of a Thursday-Sunday recap because I have to show you these hydrangeas I stole appropriated from the yard of an empty (for sale) house on our walk Thursday night. Tyler was my unwilling lookout. They are so beautiful they almost look fake. #nofilter

  They really brighten up our guest bathroom! Love the whale catchall Shannon gave us.         Friday night we went to Pearlz with some friends/a mix of Tyler’s brothers. This won’t be even halfway interesting to non-Gamecock fans, but we met Stephen Garcia and we I got creepy and asked for pictures. I can never resist even a quasi-celebrity pic. My bad. All of the Whalen boys and me. And Mac’s out of control shoes.

Saturday morning, Karlen, Emma, and I took sweet baby Eloise to the pool. I will confess here (where her mother can’t pinch me) that I may have lost her in the sun for a second. Just for a second! But look at that face!!! I need to kiss it!


She was tired of my nonsense.



Saturday night, poor Tyler was sick so Emma and I blew up 26 to Laurens for a white party given in honor of Alex and Jim. Who knew this view even existed in South Carolina?! I felt like we were up in the mountains. So beautiful.      So, it looks like I did buy that white dress after all…stop looking at me like that. I HAD to.


  We had to take our shoes off as soon as we left, but not before we took a little snack for the road. #Atkins   Sunday morning, I left poor Tyler at home and went to Downtown Church. Aren’t the programs the best?!

I had to get some more attention from sweet Ellie, who is about to live only 2 doors down from us! The house in between us is for sale if anyone is interested in joining our dreams of a compound-type living scenario. I’m for real about this. Just let me know if you’re interested.

That about wraps it up. I didn’t take pictures, for some reason, of the 7 hours straight that Tyler and I sat on the couch watching OITNB, but you get the idea. His excuse is that he was sick, mine is that I was showing solidarity to my husband in his time of need. That’s a thing, right?

One last thing – my little brother met a guy who works in the kitchen at Debordieu, and he told Boy that our wedding still holds the record for most alcohol consumed at a wedding, so…make sure you tune in for those reception pictures tomorrow. They’re worth it.

In the meantime, I leave you with this:



7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 

  1. One. I’m only on episode 8, but I’m convinced that it is not a good season and we are just dedicated to Piper at this point. Two. If I could drag my husband away from the coast I would love to join your compound. And, Three. Are those my nails?

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