#PaigeTysTheKnot // Reception, Pt. 2

To say that our reception was the best party I’ve ever been to would be an understatement. Our main goal while planning the wedding was for everyone to have fun. I think we succeeded?

I told you yesterday about how we, allegedly, set the record at Debordieu for the most alcohol consumed at a wedding. You can tell by looking at these pictures that that’s probably not far from the truth…


I love these next few pictures! We danced to “For Once In My Life” by Stevie Wonder, which always makes me think of this scene from Entourage.



My dad and I shagged to a song he used to sing to me when I was little – super adorbs. Whalen0798Whalen0799


Emma – Emily borrowed your questionable candid photo skills for this one.

Tyler and his cute mama.


Love this one!Whalen0829

I had these grand plans of taking my hair down for the reception, but the humidity quickly nixed that idea. My hair was up, down, and all around before the night was over. Oh. Well. Here we are after we escaped the humid tent for a quick bite to eat (that we never actually ate). Thankfully, they opened up some sides of both tents so we could catch a breeze.Whalen0919 Loving our joggling board that I told you about hereWhalen0850

My parents are the best dancers. The end.Whalen0832 Whalen0835

I am obsessed with our party favors – Copper Pot Confections came and made fresh pralines on site. I ordered these Treat Yo Self bags (a la Parks and Rec) from EtsyWhalen0842

This would be the last decent picture we would get all night…Whalen0877…because the party abruptly got cranked up.

Our band was UNBELIEVABLE. The Voltage Brothers are not to be trifled with – I wish I could hire them to follow me around, playing Motown hits while I perform menial tasks. Don’t you think that would spice up my day? Anyway, they put the icing on the cake (pun clearly intended) for the best night ever. We had so much fun with them!Whalen0909 Whalen0912 Whalen0916

This was our corner. I think I spent maybe 30 minutes greeting people and then I existed in this area (or on stage…) for the rest of the night.Whalen0934 Whalen0936 Whalen0942

Leading the train is more awkward than one would think. It was hard not to wander off toward the food.Whalen0981 Whalen0943 Whalen0945 Whalen0956

Framing. This.Whalen0957 Whalen0961

I’m an equal opportunity embarrasser, so I thought I’d throw this less than flattering dance face of mine up on the ol’ interweb. It’s only fair.Whalen0970 Whalen0972

I wonder what we were clapping about? My mom and I had sore arms the next day from all of the times we implemented the Drunk Girl Dance Move (you know the one: arms in the air, head probably thrown back, lots of excited yelling?).Whalen0978

There it is. I’m doing the yelling/head thrown back part, my mom’s doing the arms in the air part. My cousin Stacey is doing a little bit of everything. Teamwork makes the dream work, people.Whalen0988

Oh, I see we took our hair down, did we?Whalen0989

Ahh, the dance circle. Always my favorite portion of any evening.

Tyler’s brother Brett SLAUGHTERED the worm game.Whalen1039 Whalen1038

Then it was time for the bouquet toss. I have to take a moment to point out that Shannon rigged her bouquet toss so that I would catch it, and I was engaged within 3 months. I may have done something of the sort here. Note the “YOU BETTER JUMP FOR THIS” face I was giving Emily. She couldn’t see me, but I know she knew I was giving it to her. I would also like to note that this was completely against her will, but it was my day so she had to play along. MUAHAHAHA.


Humility in victory has never been our strong suit. Whalen1027 Whalen1028 Whalen1030

I feel like this was “Down” by Lil Wayne and whoever? We were having a time. Also, the clasp on my dress broke a little bit from my all of the arms in the air moves I was doing. I’m not even mad about it.Whalen1058

This is a dream.

As some of you may know, Boy is the politician of the family. Every time he gets on the mic, you are guaranteed a few laughs and a few tears.

Me: smiling adoringly at him. Everyone else: nervous about the direction he could take.Whalen1043

He pretended to get sentimental for a sec…Whalen0882

…which set off my waterworks…

…but then he revealed his true intentions and started a Gamecocks chant, which isa sure crowd-pleaser. Whalen0888

God, I love that little idiot.Whalen1056

Here we go again with the yelling. To back it up a minute, my mother is obsessed with “Uptown Funk.” She could listen to it everyday, all day, and she harassed Sara and me every chance she got leading up to the wedding about how it HAD to be played at the wedding. OK MOTHER.Whalen0890

She got her wish and promptly got on stage, which was FIRE. Will I ever be as cool as her? #lifegoalsWhalen0892 Whalen0906

I love that everyone danced! Mission accomplished.

If you didn’t get on stage, were you really even at the wedding? No.Whalen0926

The ONE. TIME. I left to go to the bathroom (and I ran!!!), I missed this magical moment. I love that Katherine (I still don’t like calling her by her real name) had to finish her beer first.Whalen1046

Here she is telling everyone to wait, she’s almost done. Her wedding in October promises to deliver similar, liver-killing results. I can’t wait.Whalen1045 Whalen0974 Whalen0977

YAAAASSSSSSS KWEEEENNSSSSS.Whalen1052 I’m loving Brittany’s intensity. Whalen1050

The beginnings of the gator, which they do at every wedding like clockwork.Whalen0984 Whalen0985 Whalen0986

No wedding would be complete without Adam and my dad singing to “Shout”…Whalen1016

…which almost did the group in. A few of us busted our behinds (not me, though, I had the stairs to hold onto).Whalen1018

“Shout” took it out of us, so we had to bail. The rain had held off all day, and as we walked up the stairs to leave, it started to lightning. What a perfect night!! Whalen1091 Whalen1092

Shoutout to Sara and Paula  for a great night and great pictures to remember it by!

I hope you enjoyed looking through these as much as I did. I wish we could do it all over again! Thanks for reading!



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