Required // Things I Need For My Emotional Well-being, Pt. 2

(This is not going to be weekly, but I’ve been laid up with a stomach bug and this is the best I could do…please bear with me.)


Can you believe we’re halfway through this week already? Thank God. It’s been a rough one. As I told you on Monday, I broke my self-imposed vow not to buy clothes in June when I pulled the trigger on this white dress. I started the clock over, and I’m 7 days deep. Please send help.

Moving right along, the things I need to continue living:

1. This very important shirt, letting people know who I am. If you don’t know what a trap queen is, I will direct you to Urban Dictionary for an explanation. Or to the song. Either, or. trapqueen_1024x10242. Please don’t judge me, but I think I want these shoes? I feel like I need them for casual weekend wear. No? download3. While we’re on the matter of shoes, I love these. I’ve told Emily several times to slap me in the face if I try to buy another pair of nude shoes, but these are technically blush. Completely different. _104815904. This bathing suit. I feel like the price is too low to be real, so it’s either a lie or made by child laborers in China. You decide. C15555_1024x10245. These earrings. The price tag is hefty, but they’re an investment piece. I love the simple look.

NMY0FFQ_mk6. In honor of all the binge-watching Tyler and I have been doing of late (we’ve finished OITNB and I finally got him caught up on House of Cards), I thought I’d throw in this timely nightgown. I love a good nightgown.49257591-027. This pretty peplum dress. I need something to wear to Alex’s rehearsal dinner – maybe this, or something that looks similar but is priced differently? Yes, that one.

4130204599744_001_b8. This top from LOFT. I own it in black, and it’s the best. I def need it in another color, right?imageService9. This pretty skirt. Loving the ladylike cut. keeps3007613149_q1_1-0._QL90_UX336_10. This jacket. I’ve been lusting after it for a while, but I’m waiting for one of J Crew Factory’s big 50% off sales. Sigh.

download (1)

That should do it for now. Come back tomorrow for the final wedding picture wrap-up (who knew it would take 2 weeks to put them all up?!). Have a good day, and don’t forget:




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