#PaigeTysTheKnot // Final Portraits

Happy Monday!

Today is the last day of wedding recaps (except for when I feel like talking about it more in the future…sorry). In this final-for-now post about our wedding, I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite portraits of our family and of us as a newly wedded couple. I know you’ve been dying to see them, sorry for the wait.

I have to give one last shoutout to Paula Player for her amazing work – we love her! If this is your first time visiting, I’ll direct you to my other posts from our wedding showcasing her talents:

Bridal Portraits

Getting Ready

Wedding Party


Reception, Pt. 1

Reception, Pt. 2

We tried to get all of the family portraits out of the way before the ceremony so that we wouldn’t spend a million years taking pictures when we could be dancing. I think we did a pretty good job of that, as proven by our Reception, Pt. 2 photos.

Gamblefilm 143

My cute family.


My “baby” brothers.

Whalen0688 Whalen0649

I’m not into first looks (for me, you do you), but we did one with my dad. Not good for our makeup, I’ll tell you that much. It was Waterworks City.

Whalen0667 Whalen0668She’s a dime.

Whalen0763I love this lady!

Coach Scott, the other member of our family, made a surprise appearance!
Whalen0695We love him so much! We made a bit of a scene when we saw him…

The Whalens, pre-me.
Whalen0699 Whalen0655 Whalen0704

This is adorable…
Whalen0707…this, less so. Tyler is somewhat lacking in the sentimental picture taking skills department.

Our giant new family, post-ceremony:

The Gambles + a new son!

The new Whalen crew, looking vastly improved post-me, if I do say so myself.

My dad’s side of the family:

The girls on my mom’s side of the family:

(Yes, we did color-coordinate on purpose. Thank you for asking.)


Pretty sisters!

All 6,382 Whalen family members that were present.
Whalen0759And on to our couple pictures, i.e.: the portion of the evening wherein I almost got carried away by noseeums.
Whalen0745 Gamblefilm 142 Gamblefilm 140 Gamblefilm 137 Gamblefilm 136 Gamblefilm 133 Gamblefilm 154

And last, but certainly not least, I’m sharing this picture with y’all because I know everyone will enjoy it. The morning after our wedding, we woke up at Litchfield Inn and we were supposed to walk down the street back to my family’s beach house for brunch. I had clothes at the hotel but Tyler only had his tux, so, in a show of solidarity (you’re supposed to do this kind of stuff once you’re married, right?) I put my wedding dress back on so that he wouldn’t be the only one looking like an idiot on a Sunday morning. Fortunately for you (but maybe not for us), the cleaning crew of the hotel was up and about and they all came out to heckle greet us as we made our way home. One sweet lady took a picture against our protestations, and my mother kindly went and found her the next day (against our protestations). The picture below is a product of their efforts:


No one can say I don’t embarrass myself publicly as much as I do everyone else around me.

I hope you enjoyed all of these wedding pictures – now I actually have to think of some original content for this here blog. Suggestions are welcome!



5 thoughts on “#PaigeTysTheKnot // Final Portraits

  1. Hi, Paige. You guys are a good-looking bunch! I love the morning-after picture. Makes me wish I had one. As far as blog content goes, I suggest just writing about what you like. Lifestyle blogs are easier to create content for, because you’re not locked in to just one area. I’d love to write more about personal stuff on the blog, but feel the need to keep it design-focused. Attorneys make excellent bloggers (wink, wink), so I’m sure you’ll come up with interesting topics for your blog!


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