My Favorite Blogs // Part 1

Good morning! As you may or may not know, I am an avid blog reader. Interior design, fashion, politics, cooking, you name it, I’m into it. Recently, some friends have been asking me to send them some of the blogs I like best, so I thought I’d make a whole post out of it (also, in part, because it doesn’t involve uploading 60 pictures and I don’t have the stamina for that today).


Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. My list isn’t intended to be in any particular order, but this first blog probably is legit my favorite. Don’t ask me how I found The Aftermath of Rainbows and Unicorns (don’t judge this book by its cover..erm, I mean, blog by its title). I’ve been reading for a few years now and I can’t remember how I started. IT’S SO GOOD, I don’t think I can express my love for it enough. Sam, the creator of the blog, lost her mother and older brother on 9/11 and started writing at the suggestion of her therapist. What follows next is a series of events that I swear could only happen in a movie. I think I wept through the first few years of her posts (that I sped through in a weekend). I actually find myself thinking about her randomly and wondering if she’s OK (she is, don’t worry). Start here at the very beginning and grab some tissues. It’s a rough ride to where she and her sisters are today, but she’s kind of killing it as an accountant in NYC.

2. Does anyone else love The Pioneer Woman as much as Emma, my mom, and I do? No? That’s weird. We once went to Charlotte for a book signing with her, decided the line was too long, crept to the front and just stared at her. She’s really pretty and really nice (no, we didn’t talk to her, but our stalking allowed us to see her interact with her less…crazed fans). Ree started her blog when she was a new mother living on a huge ranch in Oklahoma (her husband’s family owns one of the biggest plots of privately held land in the U.S., or something like that). She has a few different blogs tied into her overall website (Cooking, Home & Garden, Homeschooling, Entertainment), but my absolute favorite is Confessions. She really lets her freak flag fly here, and I’m into it. She’s a very funny writer, which doesn’t always come across on her show (I sitll love it, though!).She makes me think I could live in the middle of nowhere and cook all day for my husband and children. And then I get a clue – I wouldn’t do well without an Ulta nearby.

3. Emily Henderson has a really popular blog (she won HGTV’s Design Star one time or something?), and I really enjoy it. We have very different style (she’s more mid-century modern than I am), but she’s a funny writer and I enjoy her posts everyday.

4. Another blog I have read for ages is Lisa Moves (which, I’m now remembering, is how I found #1). We have different taste, but she’s a former lawyer and I like her writing a lot. She’s on house number 47 or something close to that, and it’s fun to see her figure out how to rearrange her life every time they move. She was one of the first blogs I read religiously.

5. Pawleys Island Posh is another of my old standbys. I was born in Georgetown, around 15 minutes from Pawleys, and we spend as much time as we can down there, so it was fun to see a “local” blogger. Julia and her family have moved to Richmond, VA, but I still love her taste and seeing her adorable children grow up.

6. Hyperbole and a Half. If you haven’t gotten on this crazy train yet, I feel sorry for you. Allie illustrates stories and posts them (she hasn’t in a while, but there is a lot to see in her archives). My favorites are the ones about her childhood, where she will have you cry-laughing. (She also wrote a book, which you can purchase here).

7. I love How Sweet It Is for two reasons: the food is delicious and Jessica makes me laugh. Need I say more?

8. Ahhh, the Londoner. Rosie is a professional blogger from, duh, London, and she travels the world wearing cute shoes and eating fattening food. She’s never met a pun she can resist, and I love following along with her jet setting lifestyle.

9. Obviously, my bestie Shannon’s blog has to make the cut. She makes me lol (I legitimately laugh out loud, but typing out the whole thing makes me feel 70). Shannon has a wedding obsession, and she’s in the middle of planning her first one professionally!  Follow her. STAT.

10. Last, but not least, is my cousin Kristen’s blog. She does a lot of DIY for fun and for Good Morning Houston, but my favorite is her jewelry. You NEED some.

Well, that should do it for now. I’m off to work and to nurse my sore muscles from spin yesterday. Help.



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