Brain Purge // Part 1

Helllloooooo. I have a summer cold that is trying to kill me, which is why we are on day 2 of lists of things I need to tell you about and/or solicit your advice about.

1. I hate my long hair. I do this every couple of years. I chop it off, love it for 2 weeks, miss being able to do anything I want with it, and then grow it out again. Then, I hate it, want to chop it off, and start the cycle once more. It’s exhausting. I’m on the verge of another chop, but I’m in 3 more weddings this year and don’t want to limit my formal hair options. HOWEVER, I’m real annoyed with what I have going on, and keep thinking about this hairstyle – should I do it?? I have an appointment with Mark next Friday. Help!

432fe40066a2a3c815502dd10b8a02a72. I just bought this very necessary donut float. I think you need one too.


3. Have you seen this CREEPY ASS STORY about “The Watcher” in New Jersey??? I am dying just thinking about it. I would legitimately burn my house to the ground if this happened to me.

4. I briefly mentioned yesterday that I went back to spin after a long hiatus…I’m ashamed to admit that I’m still sore this morning. I think I need this shirt to highlight that fact:


5. Finally, I’m OBSESSED with my new (to me) Bible + devotional app, She Reads Truth. You can use their study programs or just peruse the Bible on your own. Plus, they give you some really necessary wallpapers for your phone/iPad, such as:

unnamed (3) unnamed (2)

Thank you for bearing with me as I recover from this surely deadly and life-threatening cold.



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