4th of July // Savannah

It’s Monday, and I’m not pleased about it.


So sorry for another unexpected absence – I was on death’s door all last week and this blogging thing just wasn’t coming together like it usually does. But YAY I feel like a human again and, today, I’m going to regale you with the tale of our trip to Savannah for the 4th!

Our friends Grant and Kat moved to Savannah in the spring and each work at hotels downtown. Grant, for some reason, trusted us enough to let us stay in his hotel…he may be regretting his decision this morning. BUT, before we get to that, I’ll show you some of the (terrible quality) pictures I took of the hotel!

We stayed at the Holiday Inn – Savannah Historic District. I say this in order to pay the hotel a huge compliment: has anyone ever stayed at such a nice Holiday Inn? I know I haven’t. This hotel was legitimately gorgeous. It has been recently renovated, and every little detail was perfect. It was so clean, beautifully decorated, and the staff couldn’t have been nicer. I’m not just saying this because Grant’s our friend – we will definitely be going back! You know, if we haven’t been banned…

The lobby was so pretty! I loved the neutral colors they used. #thingsthatarentsurprising  Grant hooked us up with a suite, which Tyler only referred to as the Kapua Suite. It was super swanky and we felt like real adult humans with real adult friends with real adult jobs. It was a new experience for us.   Our beautiful view! (This is edited with my new favorite app Snapseed.)Squad.     Friday night, we popped over to Grant and Kat’s beautiful house in the historic district for some drinks (I was still semi-dead from my cold, so I wasn’t at my most fun). They told us we would take a “quick walk” to dinner, which ended up feeling like it took about an hour. We bitched the whole time about how hot we were, etc etc, but I did manage to snap this pretty picture in between complaints.  This is super blurry, but I wanted to show you how patriotic the whole city was!   We grabbed drinks after dinner at the Bohemian Hotel, a favorite of mine. They have an amazing view of the city.
  Just some models who kept following us around.

Call-A-Cabs at Wet Willie’s were probably certainly ill-advised.  Grant and Kat pulled a disappearing act when the Call-A-Cabs kicked in, and Tyler had to take me back to the hotel because I was still feeling sickly. We all met up for brunch the next morning for a recap (one of favorite pastimes). Our hosts did an awesome job feeding us all weekend, and they outdid themselves when they took us to Collins Quarter.

  I wanted to sneak this glass away so badly, but we decided we were adults and shouldn’t do that (some of us should have taken that advice later in the night).  One fun story we heard at brunch was about Eric’s poor hand: he was playing a punching bag game after we left them the night before and got a little overzealous…

Our adorable hosts’ patriotism put ours to shame.  We had a long confusing walk back to the hotel (we’re not good at directions) before we took a quick dunk in the pool and got ready for dinner (there is an eating theme here). I’ve never met a mirror selfie I didn’t like.
Love in the 21st Century, a portrait in film.  We watched the (somewhat forgettable) fireworks show on the riverfront before heading to the bars. We had to stop for couple pics first, though.
  We went to Sorry Charlie’s, a great bar with questionable staff. When I finally asked the waitress if maybe we should leave since we seemed to be inconveniencing her (I’ve waitressed before and have little patience for a bad attitude when you’re working for tips), her excuse was that she’s from Atlanta so we should not be offended by her “douchey personality.” Um, what? Anyway, we really did like the bar and had a great time once our waitress stopped loudly sighing at us when we ordered new drinks.

Kat’s favorite drink had some suspicious powder around the rim, so we named it the “Roofie Colada.”
I should have kept a tighter leash on this one.

  We may or may not have gotten a noise complaint while hanging out in Emily’s room eating Doritos, McDonald’s hashbrowns, and a sausage biscuit (?) at 3 in the morning, but who could really say for sure? Emily may or may not have escalated the issue and the words “I’ll show YOU a noise complaint” may have been thrown around, but, again, who could really say? Grant and those poor hotel staffers put up with a lot this weekend. We love them for it, and we are sorry being grown ups is hard for us.

Sunday morning, we went out for a life-sustaining brunch at Soho South. We were all in need of about 7 glasses of water each and some coffee, etc. to keep us living.
  These were just the drinks I ordered.
  We heard that Adam Sandler was in town shooting a movie, and we finally got to see him – he was seated a few tables over from us! I actually don’t care about him at all (he isn’t funny to me…yes, even in Happy Gilmore), but it was still cool to see such a big celeb ( we kept saying: “He sounds just like himself!”). We tried really hard to play it cool and not bother him, but I had to sneak one pic. (On a side note, he was kind of an attention whore – if I was big and famous and didn’t want to be bothered by fans, I would probably just stay at my table with my family. Not him, though. He was up and down like 5 times and wandered around the restaurant. It seemed like he was seeking attention from everyone there. Hmmm. Maybe we didn’t need to play it so cool). After our celebrity sighting, we said goodbye to our wonderful hosts and hit the road (only to have to take the back way all the way to Columbia to avoid the traffic nightmare on 95 and 26). We owe a BIG thank you to Grant and Kat for babysitting entertaining us all weekend! We love y’all!

Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!



4 thoughts on “4th of July // Savannah

  1. I’m jealous because I didn’t have any call-a-cabs this weekend and also because I do like Adam Sandler and I probably would have made a scene had I been in this situation.


  2. Looks like you had a great time! I’ve been to brunch at soho and can attest to its awesomeness. Can’t comment on the bars, although I went to Wet Willy’s a million years ago during a work conference. I do remember feeling like I’d been hit by a bus the next morning. The only celeb in Savannah recently that I wanted to meet was Joe Manganiello. I definitely wouldn’t have played it cool if I’d spotted him!


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