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We moved into our house last December and basically threw everything we already owned down and called it a day. To be fair, the house was freshly renovated and the color scheme was my ideal neutral palette. However, I’m helping to host a baby shower in two weeks for my friend Cassy and it’s time to do some tweaking. I’m going to be taking y’all on a house tour and telling you about all of the changes we want to make – maybe writing it in a public forum will force me to actually get some of it done. Unlikely, but it’s worth a shot.

The title of this post may be a bit misleading. To call the area in our house where we keep the dining room table a “dining room” is to be overly generous. It’s more of an empty area between the kitchen and the living room that seems like it could be a dining area. Maybe we should just call it the dining area.  In any event, today I am sharing with you part 1 of who knows how many parts of our house tour. I’m starting with the dining room area because it’s the first place in the house that I’m actually doing some quasi-DIY.

My mom gave us this pretty farmhouse-ish table from her old house and I love it, but the color is completely out of place in our new home. On top of that, it’s pretty scratched up (I think it once fell out of my dad’s truck on highway 17? It miraculously survived). The table is from one of our favorite stores in Pawleys Island, Primarily Pine. I love the table but am ehhhh about the chairs – they’ll do for now, but I have different long term plans for them.  Take a look at what we’re working with (and ignore the chandelier – the builder only had a few missteps, and this is one of them…I’ll be changing it eventually):          Aren’t the whale salt and pepper shakers so cute?! We’re dangerously close to having too many whales in our house. We may have already reached the threshold if I’m being honest…

Anyway! I need y’all to help me decide what I want to do with the table. I’m thinking painting it is the way to go (I had a moment where I wanted to strip it and stain it, but now that seems like the DUMBEST idea I’ve ever had). Should I use Annie Sloan chalk paint? Make my own? Which color? I’ve been leaning toward French Linen or Paloma, maybe mixed with Pure or Old White to make it more subtle, but I’m worried it would be too close to our wall color. THEN, I feel crazy for a minute and consider Louis Blue mixed with a lot of Pure/Old White for a realllllly light blue. And I could do white-ish chairs? Help!    Here is a color progression of Louis Blue: But now what about Duck Egg Blue (the lightest)? 

I want to eventually use the Ikea Henriksdal chairs like these:


And maybe a chandelier like this one (there is a tutorial here on how to make your own, but I don’t know if I’m up for that):


I know it’s hard to say if you haven’t been to our house before (and I wasn’t in the mood to clean up enough of the rest of it to show you today), but what are we thinking? One of these options or something totally different? Ugh. I’m not good at making decor decisions without crowdsourcing.  Thanks in advance for your input!

xo, Paige

15 thoughts on “House Tour // Dining Room

  1. Paige,
    I think a blue with a whitewash and then sand some areas for a distressed shabby chic look would be pretty. Think about your china or other things you will be putting on the table. I don’t know if you ever watch the show Junk gypsy on GAC but they do lots of thinks with color and an electric sander. I am sure they have a Pinterest page. Go with the color that makes you happy when you see it. Good luck and have fun.


  2. I’m loving the color combo in the picture with the ikea chairs. Do you think you could replicate that with a lightened up version of french linen? If so I think that would be perfect! I agree with Mama T about keeping your tablescape in mind when choosing the color? Isn’t most of your stuff white?! If so, maybe going light blue isn’t such a crazy idea after all.


  3. Taking on that big table is so brave… I am a big chicken and would go with “Original” so not to be stuck with in a color scheme. Your palette is so creamy and pretty! Pops of color here and there, looks great!


  4. I think the Annie Sloan in the (lightest) Louis Blue would look great with those chairs. My mom just got an old dresser painted in that color and it looks amazing! Especially if your china is all white–you want it to “pop” on your table.

    Love reading your blog! Hope you’re doing well!


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  6. Make your own chalk paint! I have an jar of plaster of Paris that I keep around just for chalk paint projects. Go to Lowes & get them to make you a sample-size of whatever color you want (and they color match fairly well), mix it up, slap that stuff on, then wax it. House looks very blog-worthy, YKWIM??? ~Lara


  7. I’m voting for the pale blue table, maybe mixed with a little grey if that’s a possibility. Like a pale slate blue. You will love the heck out of those IKEA chairs. I still miss mine. They wash beautifully and everyone was always stunned when I said they were from IKEA. Plus they’re super comfortable.


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