House Tour // Living Room

Helloooooooo! It’s Wednesday! Also known as “Two Days Til Friday Day” around here. I’m pretty happy about it.
Today is also the day that I show y’all our living room. I know, I know, it’s overwhelmingly exciting for me too.

I’m not in the mood for any more of an intro than that, so blah blah blah here’s our living room:

As you may notice, I’m a bit color-averse of late. Hence my scary branching out with the dining room table (which I talked about in yesterday’s post). 

Yes, I was too lazy to turn the TV off before taking pictures. Whatevs. 

I love this gold fella – it was in my bedroom at our beach house for a while and also made a brief appearance on the back porch at the beach at some point. I think it’s like 50 years old and it was white and rusted when I stole it for our house. As you may notice, I will use gold paint on anything if it stands still long enough. I had plexi glass shelves cut, et voila, a star was born. The issue is that I can’t take my eyes off of those GOD AWFUL CABLE CORDS. Someone who also lives in this house has promised me he will deal with them within the next week. We shall see. (I also obviously have some serious styling to do here.)
Emma and her parents gave us this pretty basket (with a picture of the man who made it!). My cousins took our wedding invitation and had someone draw a palmetto tree on it before having it framed – such a beautiful and unique wedding gift!


I kind of have a thing for elephants, and this guy got caught in the gold paint crossfire. My bad. You can also kind of see the basket on the bottom shelf that I keep all of our wedding cards in…it’s fun to read some every once in a while!

The mantle is giving me fits for the following reasons: 1) THOSE DAMN CORDS, and 2) I like symmetry in a very debilitating way. The cords are still there and I haven’t found what I like yet for the mantle, so, for now, pictures of our grandparents will have to do (I obviously want them somewhere, just in a more OCD-pleasing place). And yes, that is a Christmas stocking hook still up in July. It took Tyler so long to get them screwed in that I didn’t have the heart to take them out. Oops. 

Our Charleston print finally came in! I need to find it a permanent home. 
More random white and gold oddities. 

My Aunt Susan gave us this cutie, and I love it, but the color just doesn’t fit right now. I’m going to paint it something neutral I think (GROUNDBREAKING). 

More gold and white, you say? And navy?? Wild. 

I’m obsessed with our coffee table, but it stains if you look at it wrong. I think I need to seal it?

Last, but not least, is our elephant blanket storage basket. He’s my favorite! 

I don’t have any crowdsourcing to do like I did yesterday, but I do have some changes I want to make down the line that I’ll eventually be asking for opinions on. First up will be curtains and 2 matching club chairs. I’m off the big white chair – it’s comfortable but too sloppy looking. Someone tell me where I can find perfectly sized white club chairs for $10 each please. OKTHANKSBYE. 

xo, Paige

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