#TBT // Nashville Bachelorette Weekend

I bet you thought I was done with hashtags and wedding posts. Well, you were wrong.Sorry.

Today, we are taking a little walk down memory lane, a little throw back Thursday, if you will, to my bachelorette party. The #NaughtyNashBach was held in Nashville, one of my favorite cities in the world. To say that we had a good time would be to majorly undersell the weekend. It was definitely the most fun weekend I’ve ever had, right behind our wedding weekend. I’ve neglected to include some of the more….colorful pictures for the sake of all of our current and future jobs as well as the mental well-being of our children who will one day have internet access.

Please enjoy.

After we got into Nashville that Friday afternoon, we consumed copious amounts of champagne and the girls held a lingerie shower for me. We then got gussied up and headed out for a night on the town. Best elevator selfie ever?  We ate at Cabana, which is this really fun restaurant where your booth gets closed off with curtains so that you have privacy/can play your embarrassingly adolescent Spotify playlist on the loudspeakers. #JustinBieber #Nelly #ArianaGrande (pre-doughnut incident)
    Courtney couldn’t make it at the last minute, so she had champagne waiting for us when we got to the table. So sweet! We missed her terribly!
    My clutch exploded all over the table, revealing a mere fraction of the penis paraphernalia Emily had purchased for the trip, along with the mini bottles Shannon T. made me carry around and hand out as punishments to boring people.I forgot to tell y’all about the best part of the weekend! Emily flew in on a later flight than everyone else and she met some guys who were on their way to Nashville for their cousin’s bachelor party. They obviously loved her and decided to send some black cars to pick us up from dinner and take us to the bar they were at (they were completely non-creepy or we would have ditched them, chill). I made the driver of one of the cars pinkie promise me that we wouldn’t get murdered by these quasi-strangers. He assured me that we were safe, and we decided that 9 girls can’t ALL get kidnapped at the same time, right? They would definitely give us back either way – we talk a lot. 

No big deal, it’s just me, a big time celebrity fighting off the paps while I get out of my black car.
  We went to this bizarro club where the boys had a VIP suite with bottle service. We felt super bougie and HODOR from Game of Thrones was DJing??? So weird.
This is our best friend LARRY!!! It was his cousin’s bachelor party and they were gracious enough to include us in their fun. Larry is the nicest man and he likes all of my Instagram pictures, which I think we can all agree is the hallmark of a true friend. We love and miss you, Larry! As an aside, our birthdays are 1 day apart so I feel like we were meant to be best friends forever.  Our original plans for Friday night had been to go to dinner, have a few drinks, and spend some low-key time with one another. Fortunately, the night exploded and we had the time of our lives. Unfortunately, I looked like this the next morning:
 We were supposed to be going on a Pedal Tavern, so Emily had to perform her MOH duties and buy us mozzarella sticks at 10 in the morning. They were life sustaining.

  The Pedal Tavern was so much fun, especially for me because I got to sit on the back and do nothing. #I’mTheBride,Y’all
   We stopped at several different bars, but our favorite was the one below where we heckled the singer and forced him to exclusively play music we liked. He looks really happy about it.
  She was loving it.
   We had to take some dramatic pictures in between bar stops.
   The gang with our other best friend, Javi! He didn’t love us as much as we loved him, and it was offensive.

 We found our way to some other random bar on Broadway, where Mary Rogers and Shannon T. treated us to some karaoke.   Shannon T. disappeared for 10 minutes and came back with copious amounts of beer and a bull ride for each person. I think I might be exaggerating if I told you I stayed on for 5 seconds…I think it was more like 2.
  Some of us enjoyed it maybe a little too much? I think they basically had to kick Brittany off for the next person. 
This random singing woman kept shoving her tip jar in my face. I was having none of it.    After a brief but necessary nap/shower combo, we headed to Merchants for a delicious dinner. Tyler had a bunch of wine sent to the table because he knows how to treat a group of booze hounds ladies.
  We then headed back to Broadway and screamed the lyrics to “Any Man of Mine” at the top of our lungs. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. (Brittany may seem out of breath in this pic because she had just done an entire clogging {???} routine to Shania.)  Santas? Idk. 

  THANKFULLY, Larry and his bros showed up and took us to Paradise Park, an old favorite of ours. Larry wanted to get some snacks for us, so he ordered 15 burgers and 15 fries for the group…it took me 45 minutes to get through half of that giant thing. Larry is my life. People kept trying to take pictures of him and it made the rest of us feel like celebs – we kept saying “OMG can’t he just live his life? God.” Luckily, the actual star was not as much of a diva as we were. Some people gave us lip about our burgers and someone may have threatened to throw her burger at a rude girl’s face and called her a “bird bitch” while the rest of us mumbled unintelligible insults from behind her. I don’t know what “bird bitch” means, but I like to call people that now. It just feels right.   Shannon and I have this terrible redneck habit where we take our shoes off in public if we’ve had a few too many cocktails. We get what we like to call “K-Mart Feet.” I’m ashamed of how bad they were that night. Paradise Park is fun but the floor is disgusting…..maybe because I people throw shots on the ground.
  The next morning was worse than the one before. We went to brunch and made several scenes because of our hangovers. I think Emma was the only one without her sunglasses on the whole time.

Finally, an Uber came to get us to take us to the airport and I got stuck with the baby seat in the trunk. I barely knew where I was.I got mad because the driver made me wear my seat belt when all I wanted to do was wallow around on top of the suitcases. I GUESS he was right, but whatever. 
We made it to the airport with a million hours to spare and struggled to stay awake.
  Some of us lost the fight. 

I love these girls! Emily, along with the rest of them, planned such an amazing weekend for me and they really brought their party pants. I can’t thank them enough. These aren’t even a fraction of the pictures we took that weekend, but the rest would probably get us all fired because, #penisparaphernalia.

I hope you enjoyed this #TBT. YAYYYY TOMORROW’S FRIDAY!

xo, Paige

2 thoughts on “#TBT // Nashville Bachelorette Weekend

  1. Damn kinda ticks me off Nancy and I didn’t get to go!! Looked/ sounded like it was an amazing weekend!! and I wouldn’t have expected any less!


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