Weekend Recap // I Hate Home Improvement Projects

Good morning! Why is it Monday again? It’s so annoying how that keeps happening.

I had intended to update you on the status of our dining room table and chairs (that I talked about in this post), but we’re not quite done yet. Instead, I thought I would show you another project we completed this weekend.

As you can tell from the title of this post, this was not my favorite weekend on record. Tyler and I almost had a full-on throwdown in the yard about 10 different times Saturday…home improvement is not a bonding experience for us, apparently. Add in 100 degree weather and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, we figured out that we work best on these projects apart and we didn’t even try to strangle one another once on Sunday. #progress

Here’s a shot of the house from a few weeks ago. I’ve hated the door color since we moved in, but we’ve been debating whether or not to paint it or to buy an entirely new door. I don’t like how you can’t avoid people when they knock because they can see if you’re home (Jehovah’s Witnesses always catch me off guard and then I’m talking to them for 10 minutes because I don’t know how to get rid of them politely…this has happened 3 times so far). In the interest of saving money, we decided to just paint it and worry about my need to avoid people later.

This is more recent – we got the flag this week.  The contractor did an AWFUL job scraping the windows – so sloppy! It was making me insane to look at it.

This tarp was the #1 cause of our marital strife this weekend. Tyler put it up to keep the bugs out and the bought air in while I painted, but it kept falling down and we were getting so hot and it was a nightmare.   Cleaning this sucker was the worst. Our house was built in 1930 and I’m guessing that’s the last time anyone really bothered to sand it. I tried for about 2 minutes before giving up. Blemishes give a house character, right?
  I put 2 coats of Kilz on this thing, and it probably needed another but I didn’t have it in me, so I moved on to painting. 

Good enough for me!

Tyler bought this amazing scraper thing and it worked wonders on the inside and outside – it took forever and we had to keep switching out, but it was so worth it. The color is Behr’s Melting Moment. I was supposed to take a wider shot of the whole house so that you could get the full effect, but I didn’t. You’ll just have to trust me on this one: it’s good.

After deciding that murder and divorce weren’t on the docket for us, Tyler and I went to his parents’ house to have dinner with my mom and some of our besties. Baby E was having none of Emily’s sass.

But then we convinced her that she looked prettier when she smiled so she agreed to take another.   Sunday, we started in on painting these damn chairs and the table. We hated it so much that Tyler was on the verge of just buying new chairs. Alas, cooler heads prevailed and we powered through. The table only got primed – hopefully it will get painted tonight and I can show you the end result tomorrow.  

Thanks for stopping by! Like I said, I should be showing you the updated table and chairs tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

xo, Paige


8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap // I Hate Home Improvement Projects

  1. Pinterest makes everything look fun and easy. Lies I tell you! But your door looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see the chairs and table…good luck sweet cuz!


  2. Your house is adorable! I love the door color. I am painting our guest bedroom right now and it is torture. I can’t wait to be done. Home improvement projects are great when they’re done but torture to get through.


  3. You guys opened up with huge projects… It will be worth it when you finish! I have trouble finishing 1 project before starting another.
    Love the door!!


  4. Ok, your house is adorable and I love the new front door color. Home improvement projects are awful and I’d hire out every time if we could afford to. I’ve never been one of those “I’d rather do it myself” kind of people. Can’t wait to see how the table and chairs turn out!


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