House Tour // Dining Room Update 

Good morning! Last week I asked you to help me decide what to do with our dining room table and chairs. You can see all of the options I was considering in this post.

First, I would like to thank all of you for your input and for taking the time to send me your opinions (and there were a lot!). Second, I would like to apologize because I didn’t listen to a single one of you (except maybe Shannon, I kind of listened to her). Not only did I not adhere to your color choices, but I didn’t even use chalk paint! Once I got to thinking about what a pain it would be, I decided to just use regular latex paint with a poly-acrylic seal and hope for the best. I also panicked at the idea of having a giant blue table that I might get sick of tomorrow. Brave in color choices, I am not. I felt like the front door (which clearly needed to be a shade of blue) would be too much if you walked right in to a blue table.

So, last I left you, the table and chairs were black and all scratched up: Here is my inspiration picture: Huozz_KateJacksonDesign-eclectic-dining-room

I decided that I liked the calming colors in this and tried to emulate the wood color here (without actually stripping and staining this giant table). Eventually, I want to get rid of the chairs we have and purchase some similar to those in the inspiration pic.

I used Kilz on the table, while Tyler painted it onto the chairs (the more difficult task). At the bottom of the picture below, you can see where I used 2 coats, and at the top you can see where I had only used 1 so far. This table was less than easy to deal with.
    I let it dry overnight and then FINALLY got to slap Behr Smokesctack on it. It’s darker in real life, more cafe-au-lait than it looks here. I picked a color that was a shade darker than our walls, even though, again, it doesn’t look it. I probably would have preferred it to be a tad darker, but there’s no way in hell I’m painting that thing again for a veryyyyyyy long time. I still love it. (The walls are Sherwin Williams Popular Gray.)
  I used 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint, which almost sent me over the edge. Plus, some stupid little bug was in our house and kept landing in the paint. I almost torched the place and started over but I finally decided against that method.   THESE STUPID CHAIRS. Do you know how time consuming it is to paint a black chair with 50,000 spindles white? VERY. We used Behr Palais White, in case you care. And yes, that is paint on the floor. Thank God it peels up easily.
  As a last step, I put a poly-acrylic protective finish on everything but the legs of both the table and chairs.  
 After fixing my mistake and waiting for the poly to dry, we were finally able to kind of put everything back together. We couldn’t shove the table leaves back in place quite yet, but you get the idea:  Boring, I know, but I really like it.

Last, but not least, I took a wider angle picture of our new front door so that you can get the full effect. This is what we started with:
  And this is where we are now: I just love it!

Thank you for stopping by to listen to my ranting. I promise, no more painting for me for a looooong time, which means no more bitching (at least about painting). Tomorrow, I’ll be showing you our kitchen. See you then!

xo, Paige

8 thoughts on “House Tour // Dining Room Update 

  1. Great job, y’all! Greg and I are attempting to sand and stain a dresser to make it into a tv stand. It took Greg over an hour to hand-sand half of the top piece. Needless to say, we haven’t had any more time to work on it and we are tv-stand-less. Apparently we aren’t cut out for house projects! haha


  2. Love the table and chairs and the front door!!! It really looks fantastic!!! I can only imagine how time consuming it is! I’m inspired and intimidated all in one blog entry! 😉


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