House Tour // Kitchen

Yassssssss! I’ve so been looking forward to showing y’all our kitchen, which is by far my favorite room in our house. I have not, however, been looking forward to showing you these slightly crooked iPhone pictures. You should be used to that by now, though, so…sorry?

I don’t feel like running off at the mouth today (weird, right?), so let’s get to it, shall we?

Here is the view from our dining room. I just love the big island! Our house was built in 1930 and a company that specializes in flipping older homes bought it at a steal and completely gutted it. I was so surprised at all of their design choices (not many contractors worry about anything beyond granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances). The counter tops on the island are white quartz, and the other counter tops are some kind of black granite. Idk. All I know is that the white quartz is super finicky and likes to stain. Dumb. Thank God Tyler’s mama gave us some borax (I think that’s what it’s called?).  Oh, what’s that? You’re jealous of my green thumb? Yes, that is a pie dish under my basil. Someone come help me be an adult.  Our cute new rug from Target! Our old one was too lightweight and would bunch up if you looked at it sideways. (I can’t find it on their website – I didn’t look that hard, TBH – but it was $10 so go find it.)
  No, this is not a paid advertisement for Mrs. Meyer’s or an exhibition of all of the whales in our home. We just really like both.   Have you smelled the Mrs. Meyer’s peony scent??? They put it out in the spring each year and it’s on clearance at Target right now. Even Tyler commented on how good it smells. Go get some!
  I love having a gas stove. My mother is green with envy reading this, I’m sure.   I’ve never met a kitchen tool I didn’t like. Or a snobby brand of organic olive oil that’s for sale at a trendy neighborhood wine store.
  Alex gave me this precious recipe box and everyone filled out the corresponding recipe cards at one of my bridal showers, so I have A LOT of good recipes to choose from. Shannon took this pretty picture on her phone, as an aside. Please ignore the grease splatter, we plan to add backsplash one day when the terror of our recent home improvement fiasco subsides.   I just have to show you my SUPER ORGANIZED SILVERWARE DRAWER. It makes me happy every time I open it.
  I have major plans for this giant blank wall. I want to print out all of the floral photography from our wedding (which you can see here and here) and create a gallery wall. However, picture frames are SO EXPENSIVE, so we shall see what I actually end up doing.     And heeeeeeere’s the other side of the kitchen. Not much to see, except our oddly crooked upper window pane. And my best friend, our Kitchenaid mixer. My little angel. Unfortunately, low-carbing doesn’t allow for much baking. Ugh.

The only part of the kitchen that gripes my behind is this part. I HATE these stools. They came with me from my move and it was easier to keep them for now than to rush out and buy something on a whim.

But, never fear, I have big plans for this space. I really love these cafe-style barstools, but you can’t find pretty ones anywhere that won’t break the bank. (If you know of some, holler at your girl.)

 And aren’t these SO. PRETTY. I think I need them.

Well, that should do it for now! Tomorrow, I’ll (probably) be showing you our guest bedroom and bathroom. Stay tuned!

xo, Paige

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