House Tour // Guest Bedroom and Bathroom

Look at me, posting what I tell you I’m going to post. I deserve something special for this. Luckily, I’m going to the Mr. and Mrs. Carter spin class at Sweat tonight, so I already have something pretty spectacular coming down the pipeline.

These pictures are…less than professional looking. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I was holding our babiest neighbor for some of these, rather than on my shoddy photography skills. That’s a thing I can do because she can’t read yet, right?

Behold: the most boring room in our house. Selfishly, because I don’t use the guest bedroom, it’s fallen to the bottom of the pile as far as decorating goes. Oops.

I really need to do something about this. The giant console is a record player that I inherited from my grandparents – I want to paint it or something but I’m not exactly sure where it will end up in our house yet. (The picture quality here is super weird..?)

This little babe decided to model the bed for us. Please pause while I have an Ellie-centric freak out.IMG_3430 I”M OBSESSED WITH HER.IMG_3441

AHHHHH!IMG_3524 Anyhow, back to home decor. I have had these Serena and Lily shams (and the matching duvet) since college and I still love them. The duvet felt like too much (surprise, surprise), so I paired them with all white bedding.IMG_3535 Please ignore the crooked lampshade? #homedecorbloggingfailIMG_3537 Let’s call the view on this side of the house…lackluster.IMG_3542 I just love this picture of little Tyler!IMG_3538 Thank God we have these double closets to store all of the crap we can’t fit in the other closets in our house. I suspiciously forgot to take a picture of the inside…IMG_3540 This is a quasi-cute fixture that puts off quasi-light. It will probably need replacing at some point.IMG_3541

Because this will probably be a nursery one day (ONE DAY FAR AWAY CALM DOWN), I don’t really want to put any effort into painting (you know how I feel about painting). In light of that, I just want to play with the bedding, curtains, etc. to liven up the room. I like the idea of attempting to make a slipcover for the bed in a fun pattern, maybe like the one below?

Maybe I could channel my longing for light blue furniture and paint a piece for the guest room?

And isn’t this the cutest idea?

Now, on to the guest bathroom:
IMG_3546 IMG_3548 IMG_3547

I have a legitimate peony problem, like every other basic on planet earth. ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM, OK? Also, more whales.IMG_3549

This shower curtain could be longer. It could also be less wrinkly. It could also just be better in general.IMG_3551 IMG_3555

I could have hung this up before taking pictures to post on the interwebs, but then I didn’t.IMG_3553

Is this not the absolute DUMBEST place to put the bathroom light??? I still walk in and fumble around on the wall to the right of the door before I remember that some idiot put it halfway across the room.

You won’t believe me, but I feel like going really bold in this bathroom. I’m for real this time, not like the time I told you I was painting the dining room table some shade of blue and then ended up painting it the most neutral color in America. Look at this wallpaper! Do I need it???

OR! Should I try my hand at stenciling, a la this gorgeous laundry room from Pretty Practical Home? Definitely more cost-effective, but will I murder someone in a fit of rage when I inevitably screw it up? Yes Possibly. I think it might be worth the risk – look how pretty it is!IMG_3568

We for sure need this.



And wouldn’t this be so much better than those lame (beautiful, but lame) towels hanging above the commode?


Let me know what you think we should do to spruce up these two glaringly beige rooms! Any ideas? I promise to at least consider your input this time without panicking about too much color.

xo, Paige

5 thoughts on “House Tour // Guest Bedroom and Bathroom

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  3. Well, I’m clearly behind on my blog reading so now I look like a crazed stalker commenting on your posts. Thanks for the mention. I’m going to suggest the wainscoting/paper combo. Don’t stencil unless you want to be miserable. I’d be willing to stencil an accent wall or a piece of furniture, but not a whole room. I think I’ve pinned that bath before because I loved it so much. No idea how to install wainscoting so I’ll be hiring out if I decide to do something similar in Claire’s bathroom. I’ll stop commenting now!


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