How Should I Do My Hair and Other Important Questions

Good morning! I intended to post today about our master suite, but I got deep into a a hair and makeup hole on Pinterest last night (are you following me on Pinterest yet?) and I’ve veered steeply off course. My bestie Alex (you can check out my posts on her bachelorette weekend here and here) is getting married one week from Saturday (!!!!!) and I can hardly contain my excitement. So, today, I need your help to decide what to do with my hair and makeup. I’m having my hair professionally done, but I’m trying my hand at doing my own makeup (gotta save that money, honey).

To get you in the right mindset, here’s the Trina Turk “Museum” dress we are wearing:

And here are the Aldo wedges I’m wearing (go buy them, they’re 50% off right now and super comfortable):

The wedding is in Vero Beach, Florida and I’m feeling a retro, Palm Beachy vibe here. In keeping with that, I’m debating between a retro pony and a chic updo. It will be approx. 743 degrees outside so I definitely want to wear it up. What are we thinking?

1. I love a good ponytail. This one is a dream.2. I’m kind of off Reese ever since she asked that cop in ATL “Do you know who I am?” but the girl’s still got hair game for days.

3. This one in probably my favorite, but I wouldn’t want it to be so messy on top.

4. Messier than I would prefer, but still pretty.

Once I make that decision, I need to figure out my makeup situation. I’m mildly skilled, and I’m not afraid of a YouTube tutorial, so here are some options I’m looking at:

1. Her brows are distracting me in these pictures with their shabbiness, but the eye shadow is everything.
2. Her lips are overlined a la Kylie Jenner, but I like everything else.3. I could go more neutral overall?4. Or I could do something more subtle with my eyes and add a bolder lip? Is that too much???

Thank you for your help in my time of need.

xo, Paige

6 thoughts on “How Should I Do My Hair and Other Important Questions

  1. Oh my gosh this is making me so excited!! ALL! I love that Sassy Reese one + the first ponytail vibes. Can’t wait to see you! XOXO


  2. Okay so you know I love your blog and you also know I love all things glam/fashion and beauty. So, with your outfit and everything in mind, I vote for #2- Reese hair! I love all things volume+high when it comes to hair recently. My second choice would be #1. For your makeup, most definitely the last one with the bold lip! I think it’s #4. Would look so fab with the hair and a neutral outfit! I love her idea for bridesmaids dresses- that is so cute for her Palm Beach wedding and its going to photograph so beautifully! Xoxo!


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