Weekend Recap // Tomato Pie Recipe

Did you think I was gone forever? Every day last week I started to write a post and got too busy because I was getting myself packed for Alex’s wedding weekend, or practicing my makeup skillz since I did Marla’s and my own. Marla and Courtney yelled at me for my absence, but it was unavoidable.

The title of my post may be misleading, though, because I’m not actually going to get into the recapping business until tomorrow. Instead, I’ll treat you to a little preview of the BEAUTIFUL wedding I was lucky enough to be a part of, and I’ll share my tomato pie recipe with you (we got in late and this is the best my tired mind can do).

Isn’t my bestie beautiful?! Photo cred to idk because I stole this off social media. Sorry bout it. I was too busy weeping at the front of the church to worry about grabbing pics. I love these two!!

11836763_10204552320783794_8196989168981308319_nAlex served mini tomato pies at her wedding probably because she likes them, but I like to think it’s because tomato pie is my favorite food group. Marla and I got to talking about recipes at the reception, as old ladies are wont to do, and I promised her I would send her my recipe. Luckily, I had some pics of past tomato pies in my phone so I am whipping them out for this quick educational post.

Tomato Pie Recipe

– pie crust of your choice (if you want to make your own then, hey, that’s on you man…I prefer to buy it frozen so I can get down to the eating part faster, but to each his own)

– 3 large SC tomatoes (I guess we could compromise on the SC part, but I wouldn’t if I were you – if you need to move here to make the best pie possible, then I think that’s something you should consider)

– 1 medium/large Vidalia onion (a sweet onion will do, but, again, if you need to move here then do that)

– a big dollop of mayonnaise (I was raised a Kraft girl, and you can see that I used Kraft in the pie documented in these pictures, but I usually prefer Duke’s in my prepared dishes for obvious reasons…Garden & Gun had an article up just last week on the magic that is Duke’s mayonnaise)

– 16 ish ounces of your favorite cheese, shredded (I normally like to shred my own cheddar, but Trader Joe’s has some really good pre-shredded cheese that melts beautifully…sometimes I like to mix cheddar with Parmesan, but it’s allllll up to you, this isn’t a precise science)

– a bunch of fresh basil

– fresh minced garlic or garlic powder, according to your preference

– salt & pepper

* like I said, this is not a precise science, so bear with me as I tell you what I do (and do what you want to do when you get around to making this for yourself):

1) get that pie crust all nice and cooked up, whether you are making your own or following instructions on a frozen crust

2) thinly (thinner than in the picture below) slice your tomatoes and lay them out on doubled up paper towels; cut out any of the yucky hard green centers that may be there; sprinkle liberally with salt to get rid of some of the moisture


3) I like to chiffonade my basil because it looks prettier that way and because I like to casually throw around bougie cooking words

4) dice up the onion (use as much as you’d like, or slice it thinly and layer it with the tomatoes if you want to do that instead)

5) into a big mixing bowl, add your cheese, onions, basil, minced garlic (or powder, as much of either as you would like), pepper, and mayonnaise…the mayonnaise part is the hardest to explain, but start out with maybe half a cup, mix it together, and then add more as you go until it’s the consistency you would prefer. I guess, for me, my consistency is the creamiest pimento cheese you can think of…it should spread easily on top of your pie without disturbing the tomatoes

6) once the pie crust has cooled, add one layer of tomatoes, followed by half of your cheese mixture, another layer of tomatoes, and then the rest of the cheese mixture

7) pop it in the oven at whatever temp you left it on after baking your pie crust (idk, 350, 400?) and let bake until it looks something like this:


8) let cool for as long as you can stand, and then jam it into your pie hole *ha ha ha*

I promise I will update you on all things Alex’s wedding tomorrow. Don’t be mad at me Marla & Courtney!

xo, Paige

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap // Tomato Pie Recipe

  1. First, Alex is so beautiful. Can’t wait to see more pics and commentary! They are a perfect match! Kudos to the white dinner jackets, classic and timeless! I am sure a wonderful time was had by all!! 🙂
    Secondly, your tomato pie – can’t believe how good this recipe is! It let me personalize my version yet held true to your posted pictures!! And the fam loved it! Thank you for the post…


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