#theMoorToddstheMerrier // Pt. 1

Part 1 of Alex’s wedding weekend is finally here (flipping my hair at you, Miya…you didn’t think I could make it happen today). Alex provided the bridesmaids with the most beautiful place to stay, and Kate (another bridesmaid) and her mama threw us an amazing bridal luncheon, so I’ll leave the rehearsal and wedding day to Part 2 so as to not overwhelm you with the gorgeousness.

Tyler and I headed down to Vero last Thurday afternoon. As I’ve mentioned previously, we all  love creeping on each other on Find My Friends randomly throughout the day. Here is Tyler at the top (obvs in the car with me), Shannon in the middle, and Alex allllll the way down in Vero. I thought we would never make it to each other.
  If you know nothing else about me, you should know that the only reason I ever agree to enter the state of Florida (except for a bestie’s wedding) is because someone has promised me that they will take me to get the free orange juice at the welcome center. My mother once had to basically whip a U-turn on 95 to take me to the welcome center on the way out of Florida, even though I had already gotten my OJ on the way in. I’m that serious about my free juice. But THIS TIME the welcome center was closed!!! NOT VERY WELCOMING, FLORIDA. Hiss.Luckily, Tyler was able to distract me from my wailing over missed juice opportunities with some Whataburger. Thank God.
After stuffing our faces with some much-missed carbs, we continued to haul ass to Vero. I was too excited when we got there to take pictures of the house we were staying in (we were scattered throughout 3 houses/cottages next door to each other), but I was obsessed with Marla’s little nook and made sure that I had the opportunity to take pictures before everything got messy. Isn’t it adorable?!    Wouldn’t you just DIE to have this in your backyard? The beautiful pool that we all took full advantage of.   I wish I had gotten pictures of the front of the main house (Alex’s mom’s BFF lives here), but at least I got a snap of those beautiful shutters. #shuttergoals (FYI, if you write the word “shutter” too many times, it starts to seem like it’s not really a word…I just had to google it to make sure.)The inside of the guest house was too much for me to handle.   Alex put together the prettiest welcome boxes for us (Florida should call her for some hospitality pointers). Again, I was too excited to take pictures, but inside was a beautiful map of Vero along with a million other Florida/Vero themed treats. Loved it.   I did grab one picture in our house, and it was of the insane amount of toiletries I decided to bring to Vero. I’m not ashamed to admit that I used everything at least once. #highmaintenance? Friday morning we skipped down the block to Quail Valley Marina for a very festive bridal luncheon. Our new best friend Delroy was waiting for us in the parking lot to zip us over to the Marina. He’s from Jamaica and kept saying “Jamaica, man” when he agreed with what we were saying. I was into it.

Isn’t the marina gorgeous?

  The best part was the food. I think we were supposed to eat the grilled shrimp on top of our salads, but Shannon and I decided that the best course of action would be to use our fingers and dip them in our chilled avocado soup because we like to keep it klassy. I need to figure out how to make this.  Pretty Alex!

 Finally, we had to grab a selfie with Delroy before heading back to the house to tan.  Our backyard was everything a Florida backyard is supposed to be, except they missed a pretty big opportunity for a pool. We all agreed that it’s a law in Florida to have a pool, so we don’t know why the owner of this house is so flagrantly committing a crime here. It was approx. 7,000 degrees outside, so we did more of a wallow in the shade than a tan in the sun.

We like to take it to the edge so we waited until the last possible second to get ready for the rehearsal. We cut it pretty close but ended up being only 1 minute late. That’s a success in my book. Come back tomorrow for Part 2!

xo, Paige

5 thoughts on “#theMoorToddstheMerrier // Pt. 1

  1. Delroy is my second favorite guy ever. Second only to my husband. Also, it is so very kind of you to continue to link to me even though I am the worst blogger in all the land. Maybe one day I will write again?


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