Weekend Recap

Blah, blah, blah, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. But listen, if you can’t love me at my unexpected 2 week absences, you don’t deserve me at my everyday posts. I’ll try to do better, promise.

To catch you up on my life since we last spoke, I’m going to give you a quick iPhone rundown before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

To start, look at the precious note and treat Marla sent to all of her bridesmaids. My answer was “DUH!”IMG_3946 Last Saturday, Emma, my parents, and I went down to Soda City on Main Street. If you’ve never been, GET TO IT. It’s so hard to decide what to eat, and this is only a tiny glimpse of the options available to us:IMG_3964We finally decided on chicken and cheese arepas with jalapeño-avocado crema and pineapple salsa. BYEEEEE.IMG_3965Because we’re into self-loathing, we decided to follow up our feeding frenzy by putting on bathing suits. Emma and I met up with Karlen and baby Eloise to swim in a beautiful pool by the Saluda River.IMG_3968 IMG_3967The sweetest girl!IMG_3974 My brother Adam is a high school football coach, so my mama and I decided to show our support and head out to his scrimmage. RNE didn’t win, but they showed a lot of promise.IMG_3984 The score/heat was getting me down, so my mother took me to eat my feelings…IMG_3985…at Delucca’s, our favorite restaurant of all time. Everything is homemade and they have different flavored butter every time you go. Strawberry was on the menu for us this time, and I felt better immediately.
IMG_4018I went to Atlanta on a work trip last week that included a stop at East Lake Golf Club, which I had never heard of, but they apparently have PGA events there or whatever. It was really pretty even though the importance was somewhat lost on me at first. I later found out that it was the home course of Bobby Jones and I actually get why that’s cool, so there you go.
IMG_4009 Idk why, but I love this traffic sign. No explanation, just “NO.” I love it.IMG_4010 I found my way to Buckhead’s SNICK SNACK (or Shake Shack, whatever) and I’d never been more pleased.IMG_4012 Finally, yesterday, my cousin Alli became a Zeta!!! I was a Zeta at the College of Charleston (woo Eta Lambda), and now she’s one here at USC. Bid Day was INSANE but so fun to watch. I almost cried a lil when I saw Alli but I somehow kept it together. You should follow me on Snapchat (pkgamble) if you don’t already.IMG_4029 We’ve only been waiting to take this picture for like 8 years..IMG_4035 Ally and Eloise made the CUTEST cupcakes for her (I had a sneaking suspicion she was going to go Zeta, so her mama wanted to order her something special just in case…I would have obviously taken one for the team and eaten them if she had gone another way). Aren’t they just precious?? I like to use any opportunity to use the word “ZLAM” that I can find. #ZLAMIMG_4028 Tyler and I wrapped up our Sunday with a trip to Trader Joe’s and a final farewell to carbs for the next few months. If you’ve never had this popcorn before, I don’t understand your life.IMG_4041

Anyyyyyyyway, I’ll see you tomorrow for more of whatever I decide to write about. Super interesting, I know.

xo, Paige

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