#theMoorToddstheMerrier // Pt. 2

The day is FINALLy here: part 2 of Alex’s wedding weekend in Vero. I never thought we’d see the say. This is a picture-filled post, so buckle down, this might take a while.

Windsor Chapel was so beautiful, I think we should just take a minute to fully appreciate it:
I want to drench my entire life in this color.  

Did you appreciate it enough? Good. It was GORGEOUS, just like Elle in this pic:  Alex was a vision – I had the worst dress envy. You can’t see it in this picture, but it had the most subtle quatrefoil pattern on it. Even the ceiling outside was perfection.   I had to get a sneak peek of the programs – Alex’s daddy drew them and then hand colored the doors on each one. I can’t even. One more of the ceiling for the road!We hopped over to the Citrus Grillhouse for the rehearsal dinner, where we proceeded to stuff our faces with truffle fries for 4 hours straight.       Per usual, the bridal party + dates posted up at the outside bar and terrorized befriended the bartender. I wanted to start with just a grapefruit juice and Alex the (boy) bartender fancied it up for me. We were best friends.I think we tried one of every drink they could make. Thank God we had all those truffle fries in our systems to avoid a hangover from hell.
The next morning we woke up, threw on the beautiful Roberta Roller Rabbit robes Alex had given us the day before, and headed over to Windsor to meet the pretty bride (AND FRANK)!
Jim, the groom, was apparently on a mission to ruin all of our makeup when he sent a sweet note and gift to Alex.  
I did my own makeup as well as Marla’s, and then we instagrammed ourselves like bad bitch alert. #yeezylyricsforlifeThen we all had to take our turn for the hair stylist’s portfolio. #ModelLife
For some unknown reason, Shannon and I decided to switch dresses and everything was better in the world.
Alex’s mama was a SMOKE SHOW. Wasn’t Alex a vision?!
This is where the pictures start to get sparse…I remember on my wedding day, I got tired of everyone taking pictures of every little thing. That’s what the photographer is for! So, I (mostly) put my phone away and actually lived in the moment. It was a revelation. Of course, I had to snap a few teeny little pics throughout the night. Cold turkey isn’t for me.
We’ll be celebrating these two in March!!I think this one should go on their save-the-dates, but they aren’t into it for some reason.
Mrs. Todd’s new monogram!One of the worst pictures I think I’ve ever taken, but I was SO EXCITED that I had a hard time standing still.
I hope you can still tell how beautiful it was…
We had so so so much fun, I wish we could do it every weekend (even though I don’t think I would survive). The night got much stranger from here, but I think I’ll leave those pictures in our shared album where they belong. Instead, I’ll leave you with this beautiful moment between the new Mr. and Mrs. Todd. I love y’all!

xo, Paige

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