Weekend Recap

Is it rainy and gross where you are too? I think that should be illegal on Mondays. Mondays suck enough on their own. 

I was sick (AGAIN) last week and carbs and I got back together in the form of a Nutella cronut from Spotted Salamander. Oh man.    Friday night, our friends Katherine and Matt came into town and we all went out. Tyler is a groomsman in their wedding and I’m a bridesmaid (as were they in our wedding). I’m already worried about the crying I’m going to do October 24th. I knew I had spin bright and early so I was an old woman and barely made it to midnight, but at least we got a cute pic?IMG_4115  I guess 9 AM isn’t exactly “bright and early” by most people’s standards, but it is to me on a Saturday. I met up with my friend Brittany who was home for the weekend from Durham, and I only almost drowned in my own snot twice. You’re welcome. Does anyone else feel like Beyonce’s “7/11” was written specifically about a spin class? Good job, 🐝. Saturday night we went to an engagement party for Katherine and Matt. Matt looks fancy but he’s really just drinking a beer out of his “Mr.” wineglass, and that’s why we love him.   IMG_4114  I got my bridesmaids dress for Katherine’s wedding and let’s just say, I think carbs and I are about to go on an extended break. Knowing that I wouldn’t be seeing them for a while (it’s not me, Carbs, it’s you), Tyler and I decided to have one last hurrah at Grill Marks in the Vista before shit got real. My burger had jalapeño pesto on it. BYE.   After a meal like that, someone had to sleep the Sunday Scaries away before we headed to see our friends Cassy and Todd and their new baby boy (you can see pictures from the shower we threw them here). He was so precious!  After seeing the new beeb, since we were in the neighborhood, I forced Tyler to go to the mall with me because I had a Victoria’s Secret free panty card burning a hole in my pocket. I got these cute pink ones and a new t-shirt bra with my $10 off card (these bras are THE BEST). We then popped across to Loft where I got these high waisted skinny ankle jeans ($30!), these sunnies ($10!), and this pretty bracelet to wear in Katherine’s wedding ($15!).   We capped off the night with a birthday dinner for Tyler’s brother, Brett, and a Mankind: The Story of All of Us marathon on Netflix. It’s a few years old but it’s FASCINATING. 

I hope you have a good Monday!

xo, Paige

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