Botanical Bridal Shower

This past Sunday, my mom, my mother-in-law, and I threw a bridal shower for Katherine (aka Spong). I’m calling it a “botanical bridal shower” because there was no theme but there were a lot of flowers and greenery so, there you go. Gotta have something for those Pinterest search results, ya know? (Are you following me on Pinterest yet, btw?). Anyway, I just uploaded all of these pictures from Katherine’s bridal shower and realized something: we didn’t get any pictures of all of the hostesses and the bride! OOPS. Thankfully, I got a lot before the guests arrived, but once the people started pouring in my mouth started running and my camera fell by the wayside. In other news, I was having a really bad hair day so I’m not that upset.

I found the most precious invitations on Etsy by Bella Love Letters. Katherine’s wedding will include a lot of jewel tones, so I thought it was a good fall-ish yet bridal option. I think I need a dress or something in this pattern? I just love it.IMG_4313Mrs. Karen (my MIL) brought TONS of flowers and greenery from her garden/the Fresh Market and she and my mom put together the most beautiful arrangements to scatter about the house. Botanical, right?IMG_0654IMG_0653IMG_0614IMG_0633IMG_0636IMG_0639Mrs. Karen brought pomegranates from her yard and my mom brought artichokes from the grocery store. Super botanical.IMG_0640IMG_0641My mom had this clever idea: because Katherine and Matt are getting married on 10/24, we gave these cute little treats to the 10th and 24th guests who came in the door. 
IMG_0646IMG_0648Mrs. Karen has a way with flowers.IMG_0626Southern shower food might be my favorite meal. On a side note, having the same new last name initial is convenient when throwing a bridal shower. Whalen + Winstead = easy party decor.
IMG_0616 IMG_0618 IMG_0619 We used my grandmother’s punch bowl, which I will find any excuse to force my mother to bring out.IMG_0620IMG_0623I love the mix of cup styles.IMG_0622This Snickers dip is my LIFE (similar recipe).IMG_0629 IMG_0630 IMG_0631Pioneer Woman has this yogurt parfait recipe that we’re all obsessed with, and since Katherine loves yogurt parfaits to an extreme degree, they were a no-brainer to include in our spread. IMG_0651We changed it up a bit for the party by mixing the brown sugar into the yogurt after it chilled for a few hours. Then, we filled up the cups about a third of the way…IMG_0601…added some raspberries…IMG_0602…and then some blueberries…IMG_0604…and then another layer of yogurt and more berries.IMG_0607We found these little baby spoons to finish. Aren’t they cute?!IMG_0605I did manage to get some pictures of the beautiful bride opening presents, but she hates solo pictures so I will keep it brief:IMG_0656 IMG_0661 isn’t she just the cutest?IMG_0663 I would have had this really sweet picture of Katherine smiling at her mama, but this creature had other ideas.IMG_0667 Finally, everyone was given lemon melt-away cookies that we tucked into little cellophane bags and tied with orchid-tinted twine. So yummy and easy.IMG_0609IMG_0611IMG_0613Matt, Tyler, Eric, and a whole passel of our brothers came by after to eat some of the leftovers and then Tyler, as usual, slept off the Sunday Scaries.

We had maybe as much fun prepping for the shower as we did during the shower. My only regret is the lack of pictures of humans! Either way, we love you, Katherine/Kitten/Spong!

xo, Paige

One thought on “Botanical Bridal Shower

  1. What a beautiful venue with a bevy of delicious Southern treats! When in the midst of pulling a party together you don’t always get to see the fruits of your labor. Great pics Paige! Of course the best part of hosting was a weekend with my daughter-in-law, her mom and seeing the bride (Katherine) glowing as her friends and family celebrated her and Matt!

    Great job ladies but we don’t need to go pro w/ the catering thing…..

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