Floods In My City

Real quick, if you could, please go to the Red Cross’ website and donate to help my poor, poor city. You can read about other ways you can help here

Tyler’s parents were evacuated by boat from their home Sunday morning after water started coming through their floorboards. They are all safe (as are the rest of my people), but so many have lost so much. Please help if you can. My mother-in-law took this picture as they waited to be rescued. I can’t look at it without wanting to cry, but I thank God they are safe and that the only things lost were possessions.  
This is a picture that was taken about 1/2 a mile from my mom’s house and about 1/4 of a mile from Tyler’s parents’ house. The Title Max building ended up collapsing.  

I hope you and your family are safe wherever you are! Please keep our city and state in your prayers. 

xo, Paige

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