Friday Five

Happy Friday! I’m sorry to sound like a Halloween Scrooge, but does anyone else feel as indifferent to this dumb holiday as I do? I’m so over it. Moving on, here are 5 things on my mind today:

  1. Emily, Karlen, and I are trapped in a CLE (Continuing Legal Education) class today, and I’m strangely interested in the topic? Am I getting old? I’ve actually written down notes…#SOS
  2. The Ikea Henriksdal chairs and slipcovers are 20% off right now, which never happens. I think I’m going to buy 4 of the chair frames and then sew custom slipcovers in some gorgeous print. I found the directions here, and I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing. Wish me luck. (You can see our dining room in its current form here.)
  3. I haven’t shown you our master bedroom yet (I will…eventually), but we are in dire need of a bigger dresser. I stalk Craigslist all the time but I just can’t find anything I like. I’m also not even sure what I’m looking for, which makes the whole thing even more difficult. Help me! I like the look of the Ikea Hemnes dresser, but idk if that’s too “this is my college bedroom” for us? (I’m obviously having an Ikea moment right now, but I think it’s because I’m also having a cheap moment, so…)

    I would link to the original source, but the only link I can find connected to this dresser is a blog that seems to have fallen victim to Chinese hackers. Sorry.

  4. I’m chopping off my hair today. I’ve been pondering this for months now, and then Khloe K did it last week (or whenever, who cares), and it’s all I can think about. IT’S SO GOOD. Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.15.52 AM
  5. Next Thursday, my mom and I are flying out to California for my cousin Kristen’s wedding! I’m a bridesmaid, and I’m going to need hair and makeup opinions next week. I will def be posting about all of the details after her wedding weekend, so get ready for some wine country goodness.

    The soon-to-be married couple.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. xo, Paige

5 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Paige,
    Always get a kick out of your Blogs. However, as your Dad could you at least aspire to greater heights than to be like the Katdasians? Lol. Your hair looks great. And I agree Haloween is a crummy whatever it is!
    Love you,


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