Healdsburg // Part 2

Yesterday we left off at my cousin’s bridal luncheon in California. Today I’m going to be sharing pictures with you from the rehearsal all the way up to the end of the ceremony. Y’all. Even though these pictures were taken on my (sometimes fuzzy!!) iPhone, you can still see that the views were just out of control.

This is the view from the ceremony site. I’ll let you have a moment.
    Me and Caitlyn, one of the top 5 cutest girls in the world, hands down.

The bride guiding us on how to walk down the extremely steep gentle hill to the ceremony site.

We popped back to the ranch house to pick up the stragglers and hit the road.

I’m including this gratuitous picture of our outfits because I love our dresses so much.

on my mom: Dress // Heels (similar)

on me: Dress (on sale!) / Heels

I’m super annoyed with how blurry these next few pictures are, but I was still getting used to my upgraded phone and didn’t realize I needed to check every picture I took for fuzziness.

The rehearsal dinner was held at Catelli’s in Geyserville. Domenica Catelli was one of the bridesmaids AND whipped the rehearsal dinner into shape, as well as the reception the next day. The food at her restaurant is amazing so make sure to go grab a bite there if you’re ever in the area.

We met a nice lady named Patricia who let my mom try on her glasses (we’re both in the market for new ones). These are the “Daisy” from Warby Parker, FYI. Isn’t my mom the cutest?

Eric wrote and played a song for Kristen, which would normally give me anxiety because of the preciousness of it, but even my ice cold heart shed a little tear.

So, Eric’s entire family is made up of Texas A&M fans, and the groom’s cake was something about all of the frat houses at UT are outhouses? Or something? Idk. A&M beat us the week before this so I wasn’t in the mood to pretend not to hate their football team, as much as I love Eric 😉

Saturday morning the weather was GLORIOUS. I took this picture off the back porch where we got ready, and I learned all about how the house was designed by a protege of Frank Lloyd Wright. (I sometimes fancy myself a FLW scholar because one time I spent 45 minutes walking through an exhibit about him at the Guggenheim…) Like an idiot, though, I didn’t grab a single picture of the house. Womp, womp.


I wouldn’t normally share this picture of me making sure my makeup was on point (it was, thanks Krystle) but we need to talk about how GOOD my eyebrows were this day because of my girl Elysha (who has left Ulta and is now at Bella Rose Beauty Bar – go find her). This isn’t bragging because my eyebrows have nothing to do with me and have everything to do with Elysha. She’s so good.

I stole this picture from someone on Facebook and now I can’t remember who…sorry? Same for the next few because I obviously wasn’t snapping pics while standing at the altar.

12189459_10106839298657540_6200781220700962498_o  12239442_976954129010040_7759921918998511393_o (1)12247152_10208016870522107_5720306477644179507_n

This is just a preview from her photographer and I can’t wait to see the rest!

 Come back tomorrow for Part 3!

xo, Paige

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