Healdsburg // Part 3

*Update: Kristen’s photographer blogged about the wedding today – check it out!*

Well, kids, we’ve reached the 3rd and final installment of my California trip recap. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about it. We all said after my wedding: “At least we have Kristen’s wedding coming, this was so fun!” Now what do we have to live for?? KRISTEN – get on those babies, plz.

Once again, I would like to provide a fuzzy picture disclaimer. DAMN YOU, APPLE.

Moving on..

We got to the reception site later than everyone else because we were in wedding party and family photos, so the lighting, while gorgeous to our eyes, wasn’t so kind to phone pictures. I tried my best, though. When you walked in, the Catelli’s crew was cooking on this giant grill, which I think Tyler needs to whip up in our backyard. Should be easy, right? There was a line to sign the guest book, which we obviously skipped in favor of signing “later.” Later never came…sorry, Kris.
  We were immediately greeted with giant glasses of wine (my favorite way to be greeted).   This picture is of a higher quality than the rest of mine, so it’s pretty obvious I snagged it from someone else. I stole it from Kristen’s friend’s awesome Instagram – check it out. Weren’t the tables absolutely gorgeous?! I would like to take this moment to point out that the entire wedding was Kristen’s vision, down to the last detail. She was down at the reception site the morning of the wedding tweaking everything, and even though I told her she was insane and tried to stage a bridal intervention several times so that she could relax,the end result was clearly worth it!
  In the deep south, as many of you are aware, we do heavy hors d’oeuvres instead of plated sit down receptions. This was a little bit of both – waiters brought out platters of food and left them on the tables for us to serve ourselves “family style.” I have to say, I really loved it. It was casual, but it guaranteed that everyone had time to eat (including the bride and groom, most importantly).
  This traveling bar thing was there, serving up delicious cocktails. I have no idea what they’re called but if you NEED to know, ask me and I’ll find out for you.The “his” was really “hers” – we do bourbon in this family, man or woman.
  I drank about 75 St. Germain cocktails out of this bus thing after the “his” cocktails dried up.
  One of the bridesmaids (Gia) made the most delicious appetizers, and I had to stage another intervention on my mom and my cousin Matt once I realized they were hovering over them.

 Stacey’s little boy Brady knew exactly what I was looking for when I told him to look fierce for our selfie. I’m so proud. 
  Baby Caitlyn alternated between looking hammered or hungover all night. #samehere
  There were cardboard cutouts of Kristen and Eric for people to abuse inappropriately. This is Matt being freaked out by the appearance of his sister’s thong..
  One of my favoring activities in life is to make my Aunt Susan feel uncomfortable. I dance on her suggestively, tell her gross things, and make collages of the pictures I take of her while she’s sleeping (which sounds SO much creepier when I type it..). This is her trying to avoid dancing with me to Genuine’s “Pony.”Stacy has 4 children and double-fisted throughout much of the evening. She’s my new role model, I’m pretty sure.
  These sisters are the cutest and had so much fun dancing together! If you follow me on Snapchat you probably already saw the thousands of videos I posted of the two of them GETTING DOWN. (Snapchat: pkgamble)My mom and I adopted several of Kristen’s friends into our family, including but not limited to sweet Cathy, who also has 4 children (!!).
  The photo booth was loads of fun, even though apparently Caitlyn’s hangover was still doing a real number on her. That face!11999675_10205480824328601_4500632959286973015_oKristen had this light box made and is going to have it installed in her house or backyard (I can’t remember what she said) for when they have parties. Such a fun touch!
We all had a wild night, though some of us more than others..
  You know it was a successful night when you wake up the next day and your eyelashes are in obscure locations. My mom woke up the day after my wedding with one stuck to her cheek and the other one missing, never to be seen again. I guess we can say that we at least located all of our lashes this time?We had brunch at the ranch house and had the yummiest food (cooked by Gia) that I was too busy inhaling to photograph..sorry.
  The little married cuties with their new rings.Kristen and Eric jetted off to The Brando for their honeymoon and we only hate them a little bit, right everybody? This picture makes me so happy ๐Ÿ™‚ Instead of going to the South Pacific, my mama and I had to head back to South Carolina (almost as luxurious, I’m sure). We had a few hours to kill so we stopped off in San Francisco since the two of us had never been there together. Bridge pics never get old to me.
  These lunatics were surfing in the freezing cold water, which I’ll never understand.We split an In-N-Out burger, as my mother had never partaken, and we felt “meh” about it. It was good, but we don’t get the hype.
  Some hype we DO get, though, is the hype about Tartine. I told you Monday about our love for great bakeries in new cities, and this one did not disappoint. The line is out the door and onto the sidewalk, but it moved relatively quickly and is completely worth it.We were there late on a Sunday night, so several things were sold out, but we ordered the lemon tart and the chocolate pudding.
The chocolate pudding was legitimately one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. My mom even said: “This makes me feel like we don’t eat pudding enough?” Agreed, girl, agreed. She found the recipe and we’ve decided that it’s Thanksgiving material. Stay tuned.
 We had the best time in California and we’re so glad we got to be part of Kristen and Eric’s day! We love you both!

xo, Paige

2 thoughts on “Healdsburg // Part 3

  1. I am laughing my head off as well as admiring all the beauty you captured with your awesome Apple phone. I MISS YOU!!! This was a fan-stinkin-tastic post!


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