Life Lately

I’m back! I thought I was going to take the time to blog during the holidays but then it turned out that I was having too much fun with my family and friends to look at the computer, so, sorry bout that. I took a lot of pictures, though, so prepare yourselves for a long one today. Here are the highlights of the last month or so:

We decorated our  house right after Thanksgiving and I decided that it should be Christmas all year round. Tyler has this paranoia about the house catching on fire from leaving the tree on all the time, so we had a lot of push and pull on that front. For example, I thought we should sleep with it on all night so that the world (in front of our house) could experience its beauty, but he felt differently and won. Ugh.img_5509

img_5514-1I spent much longer than is necessary tying this bow (tutorial here).img_5507img_5778-1I ordered our Christmas cards (photo: Paula Player) from Minted wayyyyy back in September or so when they were having a big sale. I’ve never been so punctual with something in my life. img_5747-1Alex, Shannon, and Marla came to Columbia for a combo of my birthday and Alex’s birthday, and we had the BEST time.img_5536Shannon got us birthday cookies from cutout cookie co. and they were the most delicious royal icing cookies I’ve ever had. img_5537-1We tried Publico and it was delicious (except for the puffy tacos, don’t get those).
img_5547We went on a shopping spree at Home Goods.img_5553I wore my new over the knee boots and fell down on Main Street while flashing a car of strangers.
img_5571Tyler and I went up to Greenville to see our friends Matt and Katherine and to watch the Gamecocks give Clemson the hands.img_5694-1I accidentally spent $10 on the worst chocolate I’ve ever had (I saw this link the day after I bought it) at We Took to the Woods, which is possibly the prettiest and most expensive store in America. The nice lady at the counter was entertaining me so much that I swiped my card before I realized what I was doing. Touché, nice lady, touché.img_5712-1I cemented my position at the top of the Favorite Sibling leaderboard by gifting Boy with The Rap Year Book and this awesome Biggie vs. Tupac bookmark (if you have Twitter for the laughs but not to tweet like me, give Shea Serrano a follow).
img_5682Tyler and I were super festive/blurry for Christmas Eve.img_5757-1I tried to get a good outfit pic with my $15 Steve Maddens but I don’t know why I thought sitting in the car was the best place to do that.img_5758-1Downtown Church had an amazing candlelight service. img_5763-1My mama ordered these beautiful and yummy petit-fours from Silver Spoon Bake Shop.snapseed-2And then Tyler, my mom, and I went to Houston for New Year’s Eve to see my mom’s sister’s family. We went straight for Torchy’s Tacos and didn’t stop eating until we flew away three days later. img_5793My cousin Kristen threw a NYE party at her new house and we had a blast. img_5802Kristen’s husband Eric made me us about a million Caipirinhas. His version uses muddled fruit as well (kiwi and lime was my signature runaway hit).img_5796-1




img_5814-1We thought about wearing masks for a hot minute but, as you can see, they made us look crazy because they held our eyebrows up in a really weird way and we couldn’t close our eyes. Happy New Year.img_5825We spent New Year’s Day wallowing and eating at the house, but we finally ventured out (for more food) to Pappasito’s for dinner Saturday night. These two sisters guzzled down three of these giant sangrias between them and it was a sight to behold.img_5837This is pretty much what we all looked like by the end of the weekend, but it was all worth it. We had the best time and I regret nothing, regardless of the approximately 8 pounds I gained while we were there.

Whew! Well, that pretty much covers the last month around these parts. One of my resolutions this year is to consistently post, so, see you soon!

xo, Paige

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