Friday Five

1. All of you have watched “Making A Murderer,” right? Well, at first I was completely on the “let him out of prison” bandwagon, but now I’m not so sure. Investigation Discovery is doing a special on Steve Avery’s case with more facts, and the stuff that wasn’t included in the Netflix documentary is really compelling (give it a Google, don’t get lost). However, I’m still freaked out by some most of the police work during the case, and you can read all about the technique used to get Brendan (the nephew) to confess here. It’s all so disturbing!

2. Um, everything about this is amazing.

3. In other unrelated Beyonce news, she’s going to be performing with Coldplay at the Superbowl, which is too much for Katherine and me to handle at one time. We’ve seen Coldplay together 3 or 4 (or 5?) times, and Beyonce is our spirit animal, so this is a BFD (even though Coldplay doesn’t really do it for us anymore..). Certainly, this will be a million times better than that Katy Perry nightmare last year.

4. I think I’ve talked about “Absolutely Fabulous” here before, but it’s so good I’ll mention it again. They’re FINALLY making a movie, due out this summer, so I wanted to give everyone ample opportunity to watch every episode before it hits theaters. My mom and my brother like it too, so I think it’s a universal show. If you need to borrow it on DVD (what’s that?), I have the first two seasons.absolutely-fabulous_o_668798

5. I don’t usually like to make New Year’s resolutions because I always break them, but I DO like to make a goal for myself to learn something new. In 2014 I learned how to sew (I took a great class here in Columbia), and last year I was supposed to learn calligraphy but never did (I’m giving myself a pass because it was a busy 2015 for me). This year I have to double up, so I’m going to learn calligraphy AND photography. I have a fancy camera that I barely know how to turn on, so I’d say it’s about time. Midlands Tech offers great programs for “personal enrichment,” as they call it, so I think I’m going to sign up for this photography class. If you have any calligraphy class recommendations, leave a lil comment por favor. Please wish me luck on my other (gratuitous) resolutions, as they include “give up cussing all the time” and “cook more at home.”

Have you made any resolutions, gratuitous or otherwise? Hit me with a comment and enjoy your weekend!

xo, Paige

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