Marla + Josh // #shortobeachinsky

No, this isn’t the lamest April Fools joke you’ve seen all day, I actually am cranking this thing back up again. Work has been crazy busy, blah blah blah, but I’m back now! It’s taken me a few weeks to post about Marla’s BEAUTIFUL wedding in Richmond because I didn’t take very many pictures and I was waiting for people to post some of their candids for me to snag.

Marla and Josh sent out gorgeous invitations that were in both English and Hebrew, as the wedding was an orthodox Jewish ceremony. I had never been to a Jewish wedding ceremony, let alone been part of the bridal party in one, so I was very excited to experience it. Marla, Alex, Shannon, and I will cry at pretty much any wedding you throw at us, but this one was particularly tear worthy as it was the last one we would all be in together (we’re all married ladies now!). We cried for what seemed like 90% of the day.
Tyler and I stopped in Durham on our way up to Virginia so that the trip wouldn’t seem quite so long. Brittany was with her family to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday (shoutout Grammy), but she let us stay in her apartment and pointed us to the most delicious pizza in the Triangle – Pizzeria Toro. If you go, there is no option but for you to order the Brussels sprouts pizza and the Italian donut things that I can’t think of the name of right now. They’re life changing.

Saturday morning, we drove the last million two and a half hours up to Richmond for Marla’s bridal tea/floral arrangement class at the Southerly. Y’all know I’m a stationary freak and these Minted beauties did my heart good. 

Alex’s and my teapots matched our outfits (once we switched)…
…and Shannon was bitter because hers made her look like a Clemson fan. Gross.  The floral arrangement class was so fun and different – 10/10 would do again.I’d be lying if I said we didn’t throw some bows to get to the good flowers.

My flowers:Alex’s flowers:Shannon’s flowers (she was upset because Alex and I beat her to most of the pink and green stuff but I think hers turned out the best and we looked like basics next to her):The bridesmaids + the bride!  Our favorite thing to do is smash our faces together because we love each other so much.Marla’s parents hosted a dinner for the bridesmaids/our dates and then a welcome party. I don’t want to lay it on too thick, but Marla’s family is just the best. Her parents make you feel at home from the second you meet them, and I’m lucky enough to have known them for the better part of a decade. Her mom always screams “my girls!” whenever she first sees us and we all have a group hug/cry, and hugging Marla’s dad is like hugging your own dad. Marla’s siblings are more fun than I’ve ever been and the rest of her extended family is just as amazing. I LOVE them if you can’t tell. Marla’s ok, too.The next morning we met at the ceremony and reception venue: Dover Hall Estate. There’s no way to really describe it (I highly recommend you go look at more pictures on their site), but it’s especially overwhelming when you consider that it was built in 2000 as someone’s PRIVATE HOME. Someone with one child. As in, three people total lived here. Can you even?Marla loves to wear matching jams and she got us the cutest pair from Plum Pretty Sugar.The flower girls even got matching robes! Here is Marla’s overly precious cousin Jordan. She is the sweetest girl – it was really hard to not keep squeezing her face off.
  Marla’s dress is by Lela Rose and ours are by Joanna August. Dare I say that Marla looks better than the model? I dare. This was right before we hysterically sobbed when her dad came in for his first look. Can you BELIVE how amazing this picture is? You can see Alex and me weeping in the background, but the best part is the look on her dad’s face – he had avoided seeing her dress up until that moment. Don Mears Photography posted this the other day and I can’t wait to see the rest. I cried again just looking at it.
Before the ceremony, we all piled into one of the thousand beautiful sitting rooms for a traditional sort of meet and greet that I can’t remember the name of right now..I love this picture of Marla and her new mother-in-law.As part of a beautiful tradition that I also can’t remember the name of right now, the groomsmen “danced” Josh into the room for the veiling ceremony. Josh hugged each of the bridesmaids and when he got to the three of us he thanked us for taking care of Marla and told us that he had it from there. The sobbing at that point crossed the threshold from sweet to embarrassing, but there was nothing we could do about it. I think I wiped my face on the curtain behind me at one point? Maybe I even blew my nose on Shannon, who could say. Josh is a dream and I’m so happy he’s stuck with us now!A bunch of people took a bunch of pictures during the ceremony, so thanks to you if one of these is yours that I stole from the hashtag!
This picture is blurry but I am in love with the looks on their faces – so happy!
That veil- swoon.Dover Hall has an attached tent/room set up for big events. I love the lights and the greenery.

I realized just now that I sat in Tyler’s spot? Oops? What you really need to know is that that was some of the best bread and butter I’ve ever had.

Let me clue you in on a little secret: Jewish people turn the hell UP on the dance floor. Once “Hava Nagila” starts playing, join in or get trampled. Although, Alex joined in and still got trampled, so maybe that’s not sound advice. I’d like to personally thank the Hammond School holiday program that I participated in when I was in the 2nd grade for teaching me the chorus to “Hava Nagila” – I almost seemed cultured. There was a lot of dancing in a circle (i.e.: stumbling at the speed of light while holding hands) and I loved every minute of it. Luckily, Marla survived the chairlift and we were able to dance the night away.
Marla and Josh headed out on their two month round-the-world honeymoon, and I’m almost happy for them. Not even bitter at all. Nope. 

It was an amazing weekend for amazing people and I love you both so much!

xo, Paige

2 thoughts on “Marla + Josh // #shortobeachinsky

  1. This wedding looked dreamy and gorgeous and that bride….Wowie!!!!! I teared up too! Congrats Marla and Josh may you have MANY years of blessings and happiness!


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