ORC Week 1 // Guest Bathroom Plan

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Today marks the beginning of the 6-week One Room Challenge! As I mentioned Monday, I will be updating our guest bathroom over the next six weeks and linking up with other bloggers over on Calling It Home. You can click on the link or on the picture below to go view all of the other guest participants starting today as well. 1459391059842Our guest bathroom is…fine. Kinda boring, but nothing bad. When we moved in, the walls were painted Sherwin Williams Popular Gray and I didn’t feel the need to change it right away. Well, a year and some change later, I’m tired of looking at this boring little room. The fixtures are fine, the flooring is good, and I like the shape of the vanity. It’s all ok, but I want something better than ok, ok?IMG_3546This whole time I’ve thought the vanity was dark brown, but it’s actually black? It’s so obviously black that I’m kind of worried about myself now..I plan on painting it and adding new knobs.
The mirror is black, too (who knew??) and it’s gotta go. Does anyone else not understand the point of a towel bar? Especially over a toilet? I threw those up there but they’re already down and so it the towel bar. It was the first thing to go when I decided to change it up in here.
My arch nemesis is this stupidly placed light switch – why in THE WORLD would you put the light switch halfway across the bathroom? Every time someone walks in and shuts the door without turning the light on, it inevitably takes them five minutes of wandering around in the dark to find the switch. Tyler’s friend is a master electrician (or something?) and he said he would come fix this dumb thing. If nothing else changes, I have to have the switch moved to the right of the entrance like a normal person.

I thought about getting really ambitious and tiling the tub walls, and then I remembered that I don’t want to wind up crying in the fetal position at the end of this thing, so they’re staying like this. The below picture inspired me to do something crazier than just slap paint on the walls. Purple wallpaper, maybe not, but definitely something fun with a pattern. If you can’t go crazy in a guest bathroom, then where can you? (Click the pictures below for sources.)08-finale2

main-original-640x0cWallpaper is too expensive/overwhelming for me on this little project, so I think I’m going to attempt to stencil the walls with this stencil from Royal Design Studio, maybe in this color or something similar.lisboa_tile_stencil_design_grandeI also think I want to paint the vanity navy – it will depend on the color I decide for the walls, but I’m definitely thinking navy will be the winner for the vanity.Capture

102259438-rendition-largestFinally, I want to find or make a little shelf similar to this one:bathroom-print

Make sure you go check out all of the other guest participants and keep coming back to check on my progress! Comment below and let me know what you think so far 🙂

xo, Paige

16 thoughts on “ORC Week 1 // Guest Bathroom Plan

  1. That vanity looks like the Ikea Hemnes, in which case, it is black-brown. (I could be wrong.) I love the idea of painting it navy. And a stencil will look fabulous. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


  2. That inspiration blue and white bathroom kills me every time. I love it so much. Navy vanity and ditching the mirror–both awesome ideas. The stencil pattern is gorgeous but you will 100% hate your life the entire time you’re doing it. You’ll be happy the first ten minutes, like, “Oh, look, this is so pretty!” And then the rest of the time you’ll alternate between rage and despair. Hopefully you’re made of stronger stuff than I am, and it’s going to be a show stopper when it’s done.


  3. I am very excited to follow along! It seems there are quite a few of us remaking our bathroom! I think your idea for a navy vanity along with a stencil will be gorgeous;)


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