Weekend Recap

On Saturday, Emily, Emma, and I went to the Indie South Fair held at 701 Whaley here in Columbia. I could have spent my entire paycheck on hipster art and generally useless but beautiful stuff, but cooler heads prevailed. 
Emily is obsessed with Double Dutch Press out of Athens, GA and she got us all hopped up on rushing to Indie South to buy a South Carolina print before they were all gone. Does it go with anything in my house? No. Do I care? No. She’s in the process of creating a print for each state and I LOVE that she did peaches for South Carolina – take that, Georgia! You’re living a lie. There’s a Georgia peaches one, too, but we will ignore that. (Click here to let Stephen Colbert enlighten you re: who should really own the title of “Peach State.”)

  Emily bought this treat from Radish Kids for her friend who has a little teeny.
  I lost my mind and spent too much money on a decorative block of wood, but I regret nothing. Twenty Two West also makes the beautiful necklaces you can see below and I think I might need to buy one. I didn’t take a picture of the art I bought from her – I think I will save it for my final One Room Challenge reveal.      Saturday afternoon my parents and I went up to Ikea where I finally pulled the trigger on the Hemnes dresser in white.  And I took 1,000 pictures of Ikea kitchens because my brother has a new house that needs a new kitchen. I plan to try to bully him into something like this:
    On Sunday, we went to The Masters and had the most amazing time. We walked the whole course and then randomly decided to sit at 16 for the rest of the day. By some miracle, we were sitting in the front row of the stands for ALL THREE OF THE HOLES IN ONE. We were also there when Willett was on the tee box at 16 and found out that he was in the lead after Speith crashed and burned on 12. UGH it was so fun!
Hope you had a great weekend, too! Come back later this week for more on the One Room Challenge.

xo, Paige

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