ORC Week 2 // Paint, Paint, Paint

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Well, I’ve made it to week two of the One Room Challenge and I’ve gotten through some of my least favorite part: painting. I HATE painting, which makes my plan to stencil the walls seem super stupid, right? I’m going to force myself to get through it though because I hate hanging wallpaper more than I hate paining. (Edit: my mother and I almost killed each other once while we were hanging up wallpaper on one perfectly square wall – can you imagine me after hanging wallpaper around a toilet and a vanity? No, thank you.)

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to pick out the perfect shade of white, but it ain’t easy. Our baseboards and trim are painted Sherwin Williams “Downy,” which is a creamy white color. I knew I couldn’t just slap some bright white up there because that would look awful next to the baseboards, so I picked a white in the same color family: “White Flour.” Or maybe it was “Marshmallow”….oops, I don’t know where the paint chip got off to. Will report back later.

I REFUSE to take the toilet out to paint behind it, so I still need to go to Home Depot or something and get one of those really skinny roller brushes. Does anyone know of a better way?

The light switch still hasn’t been moved and it’s taunting me. I probably should have waited to paint until it was moved but I needed to get a move on.

I might get rid of the light fixture, I can’t decide. It’s ok, just nothing I would have picked out for myself. Unfortunately, I’m not a billionaire and everything I like seems to require that of me.

I went ahead and painted the vanity because my mom had some leftover Sherwin Williams “Naval” and I try to be am cheap. It looks amazing in my little brother’s room, but here not so much. It’s just too dark and I’m not vibing on it. Back to the navy drawing board..

Make sure to check out the other guest participants this week!

xo, Paige

6 thoughts on “ORC Week 2 // Paint, Paint, Paint

  1. Hurray for progress! Good job! I haven’t even started painting in our room yet. As for your toilet, I would probably just saran wrap around the sides to the back as best I could and then use a brush and a small roller to get as far back as I could. The rest won’t show! I like the vanity colour, in the picture it looks a little more charcoal than navy? You want to go lighter then instead? So many possibilities. I’m sure whatever you decide will be beautiful. Vanity lighting is so expensive! I was looking for that this week as well. I ended up in the outdoor section instead, it was cheaper!


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