ORC Week 3 // Paint Changes + A Stencil

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Welcome to week 3 of the One Room Challenge! You can see the first two weeks of my guest bathroom makeover here and here. Now that I’ve gotten a couple of weeks under my belt, I’ve made a list to keep me on track (I’ve already bought some of the things below, but I’m saving them for the next couple of weeks):

paint the walls white

stencil the two (and a half) main walls

paint the vanity navy

pick out a new navy, paint it again

pulls for the vanity

new mirror

white shower curtain

gold shower curtain rod


shelf for over the toilet


trash can

new gold hand towel rod

new gold TP holder?or spray paint the old one gold?

We left off with me being dissatisfied with the SW Naval I had painted the vanity. I popped over to Sherwin Williams and picked a new navy on impulse (always such a great choice) and I actually like it so far! I wanted more of a grayish navy/blue color rather than the dark navy I used to start with. Here are the two colors side by side (I sanded down the old navy, I just swiped on the new for dramatic effect to show you the difference):

The new SW Needlepoint Navy isn’t as light in person as it seems here. I pulled the trigger on the Royal Design Studio Lisboa Tile Stencil. (Side note: I bought it from their Etsy shop and the next day I got an email from the newsletter on their website saying that my stencil was now 20% off. I called them and a real human from these United States answered AND credited me back 20%. Amazing customer service!)  I had to have Tyler help me measure to find the center of the wall and then I was on my way. I even used a level! I felt like Bob Villa (OMG am I 78 years old? Why was Bob Villa my first choice for a “person who uses tools” reference?).
I had a fit picking a color for this stencil. On the one hand, a bluish green seemed like the obvious choice. It flows with the rest of my house and I’ve always gravitated to that color. On the other hand, I was feeling wild at Sherwin Williams and talked Tyler into agreeing with me that SW Wisteria seemed like a solid choice. We bought samples of Wisteria and Festoon Aqua but once we got home I wasn’t feeling so risky. (BTW the walls are painted White Flour – I wasn’t sure the last time we talked.)

I watched, like, half of a Youtube video and they told me to use a tiny roller and to wipe off excess paint on a paper towel. That’s basically all the instruction I absorbed.   

I started to feel really superior after the first one. Everyone who does a stencil complains about how awful it is but I liked doing the first one. I’m not deluded enough to believe that this feeling will last, but I wasn’t homicidal yet so I took that as a win.  Once I began to line up the stencil for part 2, I started to get really discombobulated about how it was supposed to line up (even though it’s super clear?) so I had to tape up the sample pic next to me…

Round 2 was OK, a little bit of bleeding but nothing I can’t touch up with a tiny paintbrush at the end.
I decided to do one more before going to bed, and this is the one that did me in.    The corner isn’t even really a corner because the actual stencil lined up perfectly. The edge of the stencil, however, curved onto the next wall ever so slightly and screwed up my perfect stenciling track record. I’m def going to have some cleanup the next time I force myself back into that room tonight.
Hopefully I can make it through by doing a couple of stencils a night until it’s done. Aside from the corner issue, it wasn’t too bad…stay tuned for next week, which I pray won’t be titled “ORC Week 4 // The Day I Repainted The Walls White.”

xo, Paige  

11 thoughts on “ORC Week 3 // Paint Changes + A Stencil

  1. I like your enthusiasm, and the stencil looks great–can’t wait to see the entire wall finished. You’re smart to do a few a night to keep your sanity in check. No advice to offer on the corners–mine still look messy because I never got around to touching them up.


  2. Everything looks fabulous so far! Lol, hopefully next week’s title isn’t what you predict – you can do it! Love the new navy and the stencil colour together.


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