ORC Week 6 // Final Reveal


I can’t believe I actually made it to the end of the One Room Challenge with a completed room! It was touch and go there at the end – a bat flew into our house somehow and it flew at my face and maybe I spent some time in the guest bedroom closet when I should have been stenciling the other night and maybe our pest control guy spent two hours trying to find it and maybe it’s still missing. However, in spite of all the emotional trauma, I got this sucker done just in time and we couldn’t be happier with our fresh new guest bathroom.

If you’re here visiting for the first time, you can check out my posts leading up to today’s big reveal here:

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Big thanks to Linda at Calling it Home for putting this all together! Make sure you go and check out the other guest participants – there are some AMAZING rooms to see. Well, without further ado, here we go! The most impactful design element in this room is obviously the wall stencil feature from Royal Design Studio, and I think it goes without saying that it was not the quickest project I’ve ever done. Fortunately, despite my many mistakes due to my own idiocy and impatience, I love how it turned out.  (FYI, sources are listed below the photos throughout.)

This before/after shot is insane – I never fully realized just how lame this room was. Yikes!
I decided to only stencil the main opposing walls for two reasons: 1) because I’m the laziest, and 2) because I convinced myself that stenciling all of the walls would have been “too much.” Mostly #1, tbh. Thankfully, I think it actually was the right call. I also chose not to buy a new light fixture and instead spray painted the one we had – I think it turned out beautifully!

img_6815light fixture (here when we bought it) // mirror (on sale now, of course)

Gosh I love Hempstead Thread! I just ordered a wedding gift from them that I’ll have to show y’all next week (after I’ve given said gift). I had to sneak a monogram in here somehow, and this is guest towel dreams x a million. towel ring // monogrammed guest towel // turkish towel (similar)

After my knob issues of late, I finally decided to grab some simple and inexpensive ones from Home Depot and spray paint them. I think I’ve inhaled about half a can of gold spray paint this week, but it’s worth it I’m pretty sure. Like I said in my Instagram sneak peek yesterday, the paint on the bottom drawer was still a little damp when I took this shot (don’t you love it when you slam a step ladder into your perfectly painted vanity at the last minute???). Anyhow, I didn’t notice the wet paint until all of the natural light was gone, so please avert your eyes accordingly.img_6794knobs // basket (similar) // tissue holder // sloppy paint skills – free

I found these awesome lucite shelves – $25 for two of them! Such a steal. 

lucite shelvesCharleston print (limited edition)

I bought this really cool loom block (I don’t know what that means, but I’m into it) from Twenty Two West a little while back at the Indie South Festival, and I’m using my Granny’s crystal candy dish as a catchall.

loom block // Emma // Anne of Green Gables // vintage catchall

basket (similar) // guest book (SO FUN – my cousin Kristen has one at her house and it’s the best)

A longer shower curtain did so much for the room – I think it looks a lot bigger. I grabbed an Ikea wire curtain hanger, painted the brackets gold, and am lucky enough to have the best husband in the world who did’t complain much at all during the 30 minutes he was standing on the bathtub ledge installing it. He’s honestly the best, and I’d be somewhere in the fetal position (maybe in the guest bedroom closet, hiding from the bat) right now if I hadn’t had him to help me.

shower curtain // curtain wire

Finding something to put on the big wall that’s usually covered up by the door was my biggest challenge. I spent hours looking on Etsy for the perfect “bluish abstract art with a white background,” and I forced poor Shannon to help me in my expedition. I finally found these prints and although I love them, I’m still not sure if they’re perfect for this spot. My hesitance may have something to do with the fact that Tyler immediately told me the one on the bottom looks like a certain part of the male anatomy, so there’s that :/ Alas, those who wait until the last minute to find artwork don’t have time to keep hunting, so I’m happy for now. printsrug (similar)

Paint Colors

Walls – Sherwin Williams “White Flour”

Stencil – Sherwin Williams “Festoon Aqua”

Vanity – Sherwin Williams “Needlepoint Navy”

Spray Paint (shower curtain mount, knobs, light fixture) – Valspar Gold Metallic

I hope you like it as much as we do! It was definitely a rush at the end – who knew 6 weeks is barely enough time to slap some paint around a small bathroom??? – but it was so worth it.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Paige

43 thoughts on “ORC Week 6 // Final Reveal

  1. Paige, you must be proud this powder room it is just beautiful! Love the mix of simplicity with your stencil design. Really turned out gorgeous~


  2. I’m in love with your color pallet and of course that gorgeous patterned wall treatment! Fabulous!Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!


  3. The bathroom looks beautiful! I like how you styled it and the mirror was an awesome choice. Kudos to you for working with a wall stencil–it’s the worst, but obviously worth it in the end. Enjoy your lovely new bathroom, and I’m more than a smidge jealous of the monogrammed guest towel.


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  7. I would have never thought that was a stencil… looks great and I love the color that you chose for the wall and the vanity. Thanks for sharing those. I think your light fixture always wanted to be gold – big difference. Well done!


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