Eclectic Industrial Kitchen Update // Before…

After finishing our guest bathroom last week for the One Room Challenge final reveal, I thought for sure I’d need a few weeks before jumping back into my least favorite hobby: painting. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working on a new project in our house, and I especially love the shopping part, but, unfortunately, there’s usually a good bit of paint in the middle of all that fun.

About three seconds after I hit “publish,” though, I was bored and needed something new to obsess over. Alas, diving into a new room in our house just yet didn’t seem like the thing to do – I don’t think Tyler can take doing “just one more favor” for me for at least a few weeks. Thank God I have a little brother with a new fixer-upper just begging for me to nose my way into it.

My brother Adam is a high school teacher and football coach with the cutest new house in a great area of town. There are some cosmetic issues that need to be addressed but it just needs a little bit of tweaking to make it his perfect home. That’s where I come in.

At first, we were going to focus on his home office (and I have a pretty intense Pinterest board going for that already), but we decided to be more ambitious and dive right into his kitchen. We’re going to try to completely change the feel without spending an arm and a leg, and there’s nothing I love more than hunting out a deal.

These pics are coming to you fresh off the ol’ iPhone, as usual, and I decided not to edit them even a little bit. It’s like in those before/after pictures on dieting websites where the people just jam a bunch of fatty foods into their faces and poke their bellies out for the before, which makes the after look even better. Well, these kitchen pics are like if the kitchen had a feeding frenzy at the Waffle House, and we’re hoping that the after pics will look like it ate kale for six months straight. Presented without (further) comment:











He has a huge and very private backyard and from his kitchen he looks out over some gorgeous hydrangeas. I had to explain to him what a hydrangea even is, but that is beside the point. Thankfully, but not surprisingly, Adam is super easygoing and open-minded about this whole thing and has pretty much okayed everything I’ve shown him so far. I’ve linked to some of our inspiration sources so you can kind of get a feel for where we’re headed:brooklyn-deckers-eclectic-texas-home-turns-on-the-southern-charm-1723373-1459993561-640x0c



143202We’re going to begin painting everything this weekend, and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out! Wish us luck…

xo, Paige

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