My Brother’s Kitchen // Say A Little Prayer

Here we are on week 2 of my brother’s kitchen “refresh,” and not a drop of paint has been applied to that wood-filled room. You can see some before pictures below, or you can click here to see my entire before post.
I’ve been having a hard time coming up with a seating solution, so I decided to pretend (only to myself) that I know what I’m doing and created a little room layout on Homestyler. Below, my masterpiece passable kitchen rendering:CaptureWhat I’m hoping right now is that I will find the perfect counter-height table that is also the perfect length to fit in at the end of the counter on the far side of the room to create something of an island. I went to Southeastern Salvage here in Columbia to scout out some tables and to price some tile options. I liked the table below, but I think it’s too long/Adam had no comment on how spectacular it is. Hmm. I didn’t find the perfect table, but I did find the perfect rocking chairs for our front porch, so there’s that. I initially wanted to do a fun black and white Moroccan cement tile on the floor, but we’ve nixed that due to budget limitations and the fact that it might be polarizing with buyers if and when he tries to sell his house down the road. We think we like the light gray tile on the left, and at $0.98 a square foot, it’s very affordable. I’ll spruce the floor up with a fun patterned rug, so we’ll still get the eclectic-ish vibe we’re going for. I looked at about a million pendants and my brother liked this one the best. I don’t know how many we’ll need and where we’ll hang them, but at least we have a lighting direction. And finally, I grabbed this kitchen island from Craigslist for $35. I’m going to paint it a sassy color (to complement the fun rug I plan on forcing encouraging my brother to buy) and add some casters to turn this unsightly little creature into a super-chic bar cart for somewhere in the kitchen. YAY. MORE PAINTING. Come back again soon to hopefully see how we’ve at least primed the kitchen ceiling and walls! And maybe ripped down all of the upper cabinets to replace them with floating shelves, as in my dream scenario. Until next time!

xo, Paige

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